JESSE MALIN: severe spinal injury | News update

Jesse Malin needs your help.  It’s been more than a month since he was diagnosed with a complete spinal injury.  Jesse is currently paralyzed from the waist down.

He is under neurological care at Langone Orthopedic Center at NYU Hospital. His diagnosis is inoperable.  There is hope but it will be a long hard road using both traditional and alternative medical therapies to get him back on his feet following this very tragic diagnosis.

Jesse is going through so much physically and emotionally.  His insurance is good but it will not cover many of his expenses beyond acute care.  Your donation can help relieve him of the added pressures associated with the enormous expense of his immediate and long-term care.

Following the outpouring of love and support in the wake of his paralysing spinal stroke, Jesse has just issued this short statement:

“Hey everyone, I just wanted to send out this message with huge gratitude and huge love for

everything, all of the support in every single way. I shot this video from my hospital room here,

I’m in New York. Even though it’s been 8 weeks, I’m working really hard, physically and spiritually,

doing my best. I miss everybody, and I miss being outside, but I will get there. Thanks for all the

prayers, and well wishes, all the messages. Every single one means the world to me.” – Jesse Malin

Watch Jesse’s video message:

(If you’d like to donate to the Sweet Relief Fund set up to help Jesse fight his way back to health and well-being, please use the link below)…

New Benefit T-shirt, with all proceeds going to Jesse’s medical care:


Out now, the release of ‘TKO (DTK)’, is a re-recorded version of the song ‘TKO’ from ‘The Fine Art Of Self Destruction’, the 2003 debut album by New York-based singer-songwriter Jesse Malin. It is the final one of three re-recordings that have not already been included as part of that record’s recent 20th Anniversary reissue. Reimagined and re-recorded with his longtime band, the song was produced by Derek Cruz and engineered by Geoff Sanoff, who also worked on Malin’s ‘Sunset Kids’ (2019) and ‘Sad And Beautiful World’ (2021) albums.

“The newly recorded re-imaginings have honed some rough edges but lost none of the soul, viewing the 70s/80s Big Apple from a little further away, but without losing the heart-rending focus 9/10”
“Malin’s solo debut took the personal and the profane into the stars. The revisited tracks see his vocals as candid as ever, driving the tales deep into the poignant 9/10”
“The roistering original album is accompanied by well-judged re-recordings. Bruised songs built to weather the changes well 4/5”
“Proper songwriting played by a band at the top of their game. Make Jesse Malin as famous as he undoubtedly should be, folks 9/10”

Released in 2003, ‘The Fine Art Of Self Destruction’ “wasn’t named for drug or alcohol abuse,” explains Malin. “It was more about a personal wreckage when I looked back on my life, from my parents’ divorce to failed relationships, broken up bands, dropping out of school, crashing cars, breaking things. It was more of a spiritual journey in some sense. This record is definitely one of my favourites.”

Following his teenage years in the pioneering hardcore band Heart Attack and his 20s fronting the wild and beloved D Generation, Malin took a cue from his songwriting heroes and was ready for a chance to stand alone. His solo debut was recorded over six days in New York City, live and raw. “I was still learning how to sing and tell stories. These songs were written in a little apartment downtown, without a record deal, a manager, or any expectation of anything coming of it – just a need to write them.”
JESSE MALIN  |  photo by Vivian Wang

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