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On 13 May 2024
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Break down the walls for A Piece In Our Time. Debut EP from Jayler .

Welcome back young upstarts Jayler who blew me and many friends away when they fired out a two hour set with no break at my local venue, the Cosey Club in Haslington on March 31st 2024. When the last note ended and the applause subsided, there was an eerie hush as we tried to take in how such a young band can write and perform live as if they had been playing for many years.

Since then the West Midland based band have released a major rager of a six track EP titled A Piece In Our Time and have just come off tour supporting Stoke based Kira Mac for twelve dates up and down the UK, making new fans and friends every night, and have also worked out a multi date 2024 tour!

The EP whips up an early storm, courtesy of ‘Acid Rain’, a bluesy bluster to rattle your speakers. It’s a lumbering beast of a song of big fat riffs, a watertight rhythm section, histrionic vocals and the deal is done and dusted by two raging lead guitar breaks.

An ear shattering howl from lead vocalist James Bartholomew heralds ‘No Woman’ for this cool and catchy toetapper as it strides along majestically on a hulking main riff of hypnotic, headbanging proportions for good measure, ending on another fiery fretboard foray.

They really come into their own as they deliver an amazing take on the 1954 release of ‘Evil’, the Willie Dixon classic, putting a first class stamp on it and when they lock in around the main guitar solo, it’s the Eighth Wonder of the World!

‘A Piece In Our Time’ has a quaint acoustic intro that’s the calm before the storm of a drum driven pounder par excellence as they flex their musical muscles for four frantic minutes, but the spotlight is stolen by a banshee wailed lead vocal.

‘Take Me Home’ is a feelgood, smile inducing ditty that bounces along, surely sealing a place on rock radio, played good and loud with all your windows open!

‘I’ll Meet You There’ is a folk tinged shuffle, highlighting their Led Zeppelin influences as this stadium filling epic to end all epics closes the EP on stratospheric heights!

Links to Jayler are here :- http://jayler.co.uk

A link to my Cosey Club review is here :- https://www.planetmosh.com/jayler-cozyzone-event-review-cosey-club-haslington-planetmosh/

Jayler band personnel :-

James Bartholomew – Lead Vocals/Guitar.

Tyler Arrowsmith – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals.

Edd Evans – Drums/Backing Vocals.

Ricky Hodgkiss – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals/Keys.

Break down the walls for A Piece In Our Time. Debut EP from Jayler .

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