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James Christian
James Christian

Hi James, Dave Bradbery here from Planetmosh.com. If you have time could I just ask you a few questions regards your latest album ‘Precious Metal’ that we reviewed on the website a few days ago?

Sure, send along the questions“.

This new album is your ninth studio recorded album. How long did it take yourself and the guys to put it together?

This album came about the quickest, once we had the first song in the can “Battle” we knew where the pulse of the album was going“.

What were some of your inspirations for the songs during the pre-production/writing process ?

The inspiration came from many different places, I always try to do at least one song that deals with our troops who are working so hard to protect us, it is something that is important to me. Other inspiration comes from love, corruption, betrayal, and good old fashioned party songs that helps us to forget how old we really are, even if is just for a moment. Lastly, good old fashioned rock songs about women and wine!!!

Was it a difficult process? or did the recording sessions flow easily?

Sometimes it does become difficult during the recording process, but not on this CD, everyone was in perfect step. We didn’t think about making it conform to the “Melodic Rock “ format, because we inherently think that way so why try too hard. At this point in our career, fans sort of know what they are gonna get, so we wanna make sure we advance the music a bit. This time around it just felt effortless“.

Are there any plans for band tours in 2014? and do you have any set dates as yet?

“Yes there is a six week tour that starts in Greece in the beginning of March, you can go to my website to see the update schedule“. www.jameschristianmusic.com

Regards your last album, how much better do you rate your new one? and have you made any changes regards instrumental techniques?

I rate it better, but also I need to add, it is a different approach from the last CD which was right up the middle Melodic. This CD is still melodic but has a tendency to rip your face off at times“.

Although this album will be released on the 21st of February 2014 in the U.K. Is there anything else your working on at the moment away from your band ‘House Of Lords’?

No, right now my focus is on the tour, and when that tour is over, I am gonna take some time off. Not too much time as I hate being away from what has kept me happy all my life“.

My own favorite song from the new album was ‘Enemy Mine’, This featured your wife (Robin Beck) in a duet with yourself. Is working together an easy process for you both? Myself I would find it difficult to work with my wife as we are like chalk and cheese!

Robin and I have been working together for many years. We do have our moments of disagreements, but that is only natural. I don’t know anyone who has a relationship where there is never tension. But Robin and I usually get past it and move on. Actually Robin is better at that than I am“.

Well thank you very much for answering all my questions James, and we all at Planetmosh.com wish you well with the release of your new album, and hope we can perhaps catch up with you again later in the year to see how things are progressing.


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Cover picture supplied with the kind permission of James Christian.

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