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In all it felt pretty much like a safe album from House Of Lords. There's a little bit of something for all the fans of this group here.

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Melodic rock band House of Lords was first created back in 1987 by keyboardist Gregg Giuffria, and after landing a record deal with Kiss bass player Gene Simmons company ‘Simmons Records ‘ Simmons stipulated that the band changed their name from Giuffria to House of Lords, plus a new lead singer was also needed. So James Christian was recruited and replaced David Eisley.
A debut  album was released in 1988, with a meatier rock sound than Giuffria had previously produced, and from there the band moved on to success on the US an European rock scene taking them to where they are now.

This latest album from House Of Lords due to be released on February 21st 2014, kicks off with track one entitled ‘Battle ‘, in a dramatically long solo guitar intro, it then develops itself into what I thought sounded like a sudo James Bond theme tune! Finally though as the intro comes to an end and the main song starts, we are treated to a pretty good rock anthem. Plenty of huge guitar riffs are abundant throughout this opening song which gets you in the mood for the retro 80’s sounding album.

Those classic melodic anthems are crammed into this ninth studio recorded album with ‘Live Every Day ‘ being just one example of many. It comes with the type of power ballad House Of Lords are famous for producing. Even without seeing the guys playing, you can feel the emotions flowing through the band. With massive riff’s, a heavy drum/bass line and all complimented by James Christian’s pitch perfect voice, again it’s just pure classic stuff. The albums name sake track ‘Precious Metal ‘ tells a tale of unrequited love. A nice song which enables Jimi Bell to show case his guitar skills during a sculpturaly delicate mid track riff.

Swimming With The Sharks ‘ now changes the tempo with a quicker more up-beat rhythm. It was nice to hear the guy’s had mixed it up a bit with this one, it sort of had a neo-Van Halen feel or maybe something like a modern electrically charged Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart might have brought to the guitar riffs.  ‘Enemy Mine ‘ a nice gentle duet ballad using mostly the keyboard for the main melody, it was also nice to hear the voice of Robin Beck ( James’s wife ) featured on this track. Unsurprisingly their combined voices compliment each other expertly, and lift this track from the CD as something special to listen to. Track number ten ‘Action ‘ feels a little more raunchy than some previous songs and again made a pleasant change. I just wish it had been a bit longer though, as I was just starting to get down with the riffs only to hear it fading out.

The last song on this eleven track album is ‘You Might Just Save My Life ‘. Not quite as raunchy as Action, but still up there as a pretty good rock track. Good lyrics that are easy to keep up with ( always a bonus for fans to sing along with ). Guitar riffs come bulging from this song from start to finish, with nice drum work and a good base player which are a must for a track like this one.

In all it felt pretty much like a safe album from House Of Lords. There’s a little bit of something for all the fans of this group here, but for me it just seemed to lack that ??? just a little bit of something extra. But who am I ? just a pen pushing music reviewer! If your an ardent fan of House Of Lords, you’ll love it I,m sure. The main thing though is it’s rock music for music lovers, what else do you need with your cornflakes? GET ON IT! 


Band Members…….

James Christian – Lead Vocals
Jimi Bell – Guitars
Chris McCarvill – Bass
BJ Zampa – Drum

Track List……


I,m Breakin Free


Live Every Day

Permission To Die

Precious Metal

Swimmin With The Sharks


Enemy Mine


Turn Back The Tide

You Might Just Change My Life




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In all it felt pretty much like a safe album from House Of Lords. There's a little bit of something for all the fans of this group here.

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