Jade Vine – Nothing Can Hide from Light

Jade Vine - Nothing Can Hide from LightJade Vine is a rock band from London that was formed in 2006 by brothers Constantine and Marios Magdalinos.  They toured as a duo for two years under the name “Uncaused Creation”.  In 2008 they were joined by two new members to become a four piece, and after a year of playing gigs they recorded a demo. In 2012 big changes came – firstly there was a lineup change plus a change of name to Jade Vine, and then a change of musical direction to a more Prog sound.  The change in direction was sparked by collaborating with Daniel Cavanagh from Anathema, who has produced Jade Vine’s first album

The album kicks off with ‘Last days of apathy’, which in my opinion is actually one of the weakest songs on the album.  It’s still a decent track, but just doesn’t live up to the standard of the rest of the album.

‘Anticipation’ is the second track and really starts to show what the band are capable of.  There’s a mix of acoustic and electric guitar that works well, and the vocals are great – quite high pitched though which some people love and others aren’t so keen on (like anything in music it’s a matter of personal taste).  Personally I’m not normally a fan of high pitched male vocals, but these do work well and sound right.

Acoustic ballad ‘Drop of sorrow’ is a superb track – definitely one of the best tracks on the album.

‘Nothing Can Hide From Light’ is a very good album that’s certainly worth checking out for fans of Prog rock.

‘Nothing can hide from light’ is out now.

Rating: 7/10

Track listing:

1. Last day of apathy
2. Anticipation
3. Lost it all
4. One last time
5. Drop of sorrow
6. Nothing can hide from light
7. Take me under
8. Nothing I can do
9. Lose control
10. Say it, sell it

Jade Vine are:

Constantine Magdalinos – Guitars & Vocals
Marios Magdalinos – Guitars & Vocals
Babis Margaritidis – Drums & Percussion
Roy Stewart – Bass

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