Donovan’s Devils – Brothers Above All

Donovans Devils - Brothers Above AllDonovan’s Devils are a rock band from New Jersey that formed in 2011.  The band takes it’s name from a unit of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) in World War 2 that was commanded by General William Donovan and whihc became known as Donovan’s Devils.  One of the members of the unit was the grandfather of the band’s singer, Teddy Venezia.  “Brothers above all” is the band’s debut album

The name “Donovan’s devils” conjures up expectations of some heavy rock music with plenty of power, but in reality this is acoustic rock. It’s very good acoustic rock with some nice vocals, but the acoustic rock style does tend to limit the amount of variety you can get, and the songs just don’t stand out from each other.  An acoustic EP can work well, or even better a couple of songs on an otherwise electric album, but a full album just seems like too much of the same, and I’m afraid I found it got quite dull very quickly.

If you’re a fan of acoustic rock then this is definitely an album worth listening to, but otherwise it’s not likely to appeal.

“Brothers above all” is out now.

Rating: 6.5/10

Track listing:

1. Find a way
2. What dreams may come
3. Calming seas
4. The mariner
5. A devils rose
6. Bliss
7. In the end
8. Sheriff’s line
9. Strongest stones
10. With open eyes

Donovan’s Devils are:

Teddy Venezia – Vocals/Acoustic guitar
Austin Martinez – Lead guitar
TJ Bernhard – Bass
Michael Gangino – Drums

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