Iselder to release ‘Metel Du Gwir Cymreig’

Don’t panic people. PlanetMosh have not been hacked!!! The title to Iselder‘s upcoming album is indeed spelt in welsh. Luckily for us I’m fluent in the beautiful language and it translates to ‘Proper Welsh Black Metal ‘, or ‘True Welsh Black Metal ‘, whichever way you want to slice it.

Originally due for release in late 2021, sole member Gofid was arrested and possessions seized due to a parody t-shirt featuring the phrase “Burn Your Local Holiday Home”. After five months of not knowing what would happen, all charges were finally dropped, allowing the album to finally be released on April 15th, 2022. How true this story is, PlanetMosh cannot verify!

Album Art

Track Listing:

1. Cyflwyniad / 2. I’r Gad / 3. Cofio / 4. Cont / 5. Brad y Llyfrau Glas / 6. Llosgi Bwriadol

7. Rebecca / 8. Gwlad y Meirw / 9. Rhyfela


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A patriotic Welshman, and one quarter of Manchester hardcore/punk band Eye Licker.