Insain – Spiritual Rebirth CD

Spiritual Rebirth was mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio by Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawski and the artwork is by Xaay on Deviant Art. This album was re-released on March the 26th by Kaotoxin Records.

I’m quite interested in this album as the name suggests a deep meaning.

Really impressed so far by the riffing and the general feel of track one, Black as your Light. When the vocal growl kicks in however I am wondering if the vocal style will ruin it for me but it doesn’t, luckily it’s not very muddy or ‘brie’ like, which I hate.  When the double kick comes in and it drives forward it’s totally ace. A bass solo! There are some really interesting grooves that remind me of Cannibal Corpse.

Track two Me and I comes straight in with a drum fill and pounding riffs and double kicks.  The track generally drives forward.  1.56 is really groovy with a tremolo that reminds me of Death. Oooo, high pitched scream at the end, quite George Fisherish.

Inquisitor has even more of a Cannibal Corpse feel to it. I don’t want to keep describing them as Cannibal Corpse but it really does sound similar. Really groovy, brutal and fast, love it.

The title track is really impressive, tight fast and brutal, again like Cannibal Corpse but mixed with a bit of old Sepultura.  At 1.41 there is a slower question and answer section and then the track falls back into the pace again.

Ooooo love the start of Corpse before Death.  Catchy riff and double kicks straight away, but it fails to keep me as interested throughout the track. I am pulled back at 1.02 though and then when the riffs come back in. Oh dear, a brie squeal. Loving the groovy slower section at 2.19.

Offft 1.31 in Worthless is insane; however there is another brie scream later.

Every track is different and I can hear different prominent influences in each. However the further on in the album I got however the less interested I became.  Though there was enough change and sections of interest and groove to make it overall an enjoyable listen. If you are less specific about what you like and you like brie screams this album is for you.


Album Rating 8 out of 10


Track List

Black as your Light

Me and I


Spiritual Rebirth

Corpse before Death


Dying Mind


Angel of Pain

Ethereal Enemy

Back into the Wild


Band Line Up

Louis L. Vocals

David S. Guitar

Nicolas B. Guitar

Thibaut A. Bass

Jonathan J. Drums

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