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On 20 May 2015
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Snuff Fetish Infection artworkThere is something morbidly fascinating about goregrind.  It’s a musical sub-genre which often inhabits the darker, more taboo elements of the human psyche, addressing lyrical issues which many, more mainstream, artists only dare to skirt around with the comparative finesse of a housewife cleaning her most precious porcelain compared to the total smashface approach of this comparatively corrupted sub-genre.  Such is the case with this latest split EP, featuring contributions from three acts who paved their own distinct way across Europe together last year – Infected Society, Anal Penetration and the particularly nastily monickered Vaginal Penetration Of An Amelus With A Musty Carrot (or VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxCx as they more acceptably shorten their name to, probably for fear of – probably quite understandable – censorship) on the tour to which this mini opus lends its name.

French trio Infected Society deliver a fast and furious triptych of sickness which very much references ‘Scum’-era Napalm Death, their apocalyptic riffs coupled with brutal deathgrind blastbeats.  The first two songs, ‘Organ Burst’ and ‘Everybody’s Guilty’, race by in the tradition of old-school grind, before ‘Acid-Defigured Whore’ hits hard with some proper death metal to add some musical credibility to what has until now been a mere headlong dash.

The now defunct one-band that was Anal Penetration contributes the next three songs, each of which displays an unhealthy fascination with certain parts of the female anatomy, lyrically are disgusting and demonstrate the basest elements of this particular sub-genre.  Notable only for the fact that this was a solo project, the songs have a mundanity to them which belies more than a nodding acquaintance, musically at least, to Cannibal Corpse, Exorcism and similar proponents of the gorier end of the deathgrind mien.

The two contributions of Austria’s VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxCx – by far the most musically accomplished of the three bands showcased here – were recorded live on the abovementioned tour, and again display a grotesqueness which characterizes this particular metallic style.  The recordings are not of the greatest quality, but capture the undoubted passion and lustre of the band’s performances.

Grindcore is one of those sub-genres which is difficult to listen to:  doing so can be an extremely unpleasant experience.  These eight tracks will not do anything to attract those (understandably) repulsed by its very ethos, and the subjects it addresses.  What it does do is serve as a decent showcase for three of the proponents, of varying merit, of the mien.

‘Snuff Fetish Infection’ is released as a limited edition of 500 CDs via Kaotoxin Records on June 8 (June 9 in North America).

VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxCx play the PlanetMosh stage at Monsters Of Rot V on Saturday August 1.

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