Inglorious – Islington Assembly Hall, London – 21/02/16

Tucked away in the corner of stage left, guitar duo Curran sought to warm up the London crowd ahead of tonight’s headliners Inglorious, but despite the best efforts of Mark Curran, they struggle to motivate the apathetic crowd. Armed with the simplicity of acoustic guitars, they played some well written songs and covers, with one of the most notable being a new song, believed to be called Hanging On. I only wish for them that the crowd had been more responsive as they played some lovely music.

Young blues rock guitarist Ali Clinton commanded the stage well during his performance and looking over his biography, it is clear to see through whom he has honed some of those skills. He wears his musical influences on his fingers and certainly has some real guitar playing talent. It is great to see the next generation of blues rock guitarists starting to filter through and I’ll keep my eye out for future shows by him.


I had heard good things about headliners Inglorious’ live performance, but not yet had a chance to listen to them, so everything was a great surprise tonight. It seems Inglorious initially started out playing covers and they include Toto’s Goodbye Girl and Deep Purple’s Lay Down, Stay Down in the set. The positive feedback received gave them the drive to start writing their own material and this holds up well against the chosen covers.

Singer Nathan James has a beastly set of lungs and commands the stage with effervescent confidence, engaging the audience and interacting with his band members with ease. The sort of quality front man of bands of old, drawing the eyes and ears of the audience to him.

When many bands are returning to play a past album in full, Inglorious only have one album, so they have little choice but to play practically that whole album, but this goes down a storm with the crowd. The James Bond style opening of High Flying Gypsy is ear catching and leads into a solid song that shows off everyone’s skills brilliantly. This was a particular stand out track for me along with the biker edge feel to You’re Mine. Inglorious are wonderful at recreating the old with a large dollop of the new and put on a great live show, one to definitely check out in 2016.

Inglorious Set List: Until I Die, Breakaway, I Surrender, High Flying Gypsy, Bleed For You, Warning, Inglorious, Beaver and Col, Goodbye Girl (Toto cover), You’re Mine, Holy Water, Lay Down Stay Down (Deep Purple cover), Girl Gotta Gun Encore Unaware

Photos by Heather Fitsell – February Photography
Inglorious - Islington Assembly - 22nd February 2016

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