IN THIS MOMENT set to release ‘Rise of the Blood Legion – Greatest Hits (Chapter 1)’ on May 4 in Europe

IN THIS MOMENT have had an almost fairytale ascent to fame – on the surface. The years of hard work, setbacks, heartache and blood aren’t immediately obvious to the casual observer, but then the ‘Blood Legion’ are not your typical fans. They understand and relate to this ethos of a strong work ethic and family above all because they ARE the band’s family.

Maria Brink had this to say: ” ‘Rise of the Blood Legion – Greatest Hits (Chapter 1)’ is a tribute dedicated to everyone who has risen with us through the blood, the sweat, the thick and the thin. We are honored to have such a beautiful connection with our Blood Legion family. It’s amazing that Century Media Records is releasing this compilation so everyone can hear our personal favourites over the last ten years. We love you all and the journey has just begun, Stay the course with us “We are immortal, We rise from the wraith, We are eternal, You are my blood legion, my faith. This is for you!”

Chris Howorth adds: “This compilation is for the “Blood Legion”, our die-hard fans. We wouldn’t be doing any of this without our fans, this album is for them. The songs were hand-picked by Maria and myself and we feel they show the growth of our band over the last 10 years, I hope everyone enjoys this. Thanks again for joining us on this incredible journey!”

This Greatest Hits collection of the band’s most iconic songs, is IN THIS MOMENT’s love letter to their fans, and Century Media’s thank you to both the band and fans for this incredible chapter of their history.

The 18-track collection will be out in Europe on May 4, 2015 as CD and digital album at mid-price and contains the following songs:

Whispers of October*
Beautiful Tragedy*
Daddy’s Falling Angel*
The Rabbit Hole#
Into the Light (live version)&
The Gun Show%
The Promise%
World in Flames%
Rise with Me^
It is Written^
The Blood Legion^

* Taken from the album, “Beautiful Tragedy”
# Taken from the album, “The Dream”
% Taken from the album, “A Star-Crossed Wasteland”
^ Taken from the album, “Blood”
& Taken from the live album, “Blood at the Orpheum”



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