Hellfest 2013 Clisson, Nantes, France. 21st to 23rd June

Hellfest 2013Hellfest 2013 takes place on 21/22/23 June at Rue du Champ Louet, 44190 Clisson, France.

With a record of 113,000 people attending the festival in 2012, Hellfest has become the 3rd biggest festival in France. The originality of the festival’s artistic project has allowed it to reach an international recognition.

Born through the passion of its young founders, it’s by maintaining its distinctiveness and independence that Hellfest has become the finest French event dedicated to extreme music.

*Confirmed line-up so far:

Friday 21th                                  Saturday 22nd                               Sunday 23rd


Def Leppard                                       KISS                                                       Volbeat

Whitesnake                                        ZZ Top                                                   StoneSour

Twisted Sister                                    Accept                                                  Gojira

Europe                                                 Down                                                    Newstead

Saxon                                                    3 Doors Down                                    Danko Jones

Hardcore Superstar                         Krokus                                                  Mustasch

Black Spiders                                      Audrey Horne                                   Heaven’s Basement

Kissin’ Dynamite                               Attentat Rock                                    Waltari



Avantasia                                            Korn                                                      Danzig

Helloween                                          Bullet For My Valentine                Lordi

Kreator                                                 Asking Alexandria                            Symphony X

Testament                                          Papa Roach                                         Voivod

Hellyeah                                              A Day To Remember                      Mass Hysteria

Heathen                                              Parkway Drive                                   Riverside

Vektor                                                  Coal Chamber                                    Prong

SSS (Short Sharp Shock)               P.O.D                                                     The Ghost Inside

Dr Living Dead                                   Skindred                                              The Arrs



At The Gates                                      Morbid Angel                                    Napalm Death

Six Feet Under                                  Candlemass                                        Hypocrisy

Ceremonial Oath                              My Dying Bride                                 Moonspell

Asphyx                                                 Amorphis                                            Wintersun

Between The Buried And Me       Sinister                                                 Cryptopsy

Evoken                                                 The Old Dead Tree                          Misery Index

Hooded Menace                              Monstrosity                                       Krisun

Misanthrope                                      Dead Congregation                         Haemorrhage

Captain Cleanoff                              T.A.N.K.                                                Pig Destroyer



God Seed                                            Immortal                                             Cradle Of Filth

Carpathia Forest                               Finntroll                                               Marduk

Primordial                                           Belphegor                                           Dark Funeral

Absu                                                      Rotting Christ                                     Ihsahn

Aura Noir                                             Kampfar                                               Korpiklaani

Týr                                                          Equilibrium                                         TBA

The Great Old Ones                          Koldbrann                                             Inquisition

TBA                                                          The Secret                                          Leprous

TBA                                                           Hell Militia                                           Seth

TBA                                                            TBA                                                       Stille Volk



Neurosis                                              Manilla Rod                                        Swans

Sleep                                                     Cult Of Luna                                       Ghost

High On Fire                                       TBA                                                       Clutch

Black Breath                                       Red Fang                                             The Sword

Black Pyramid                                    Karma To Burn                                 Spiritual Beggars

Pallbearer                                           TBA                                                         Graveyard

Black Cobra                                Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats           My Sleeping Karma

Eagle Twin                                           Procession                                          Truckfighters

7 Weeks                                               Surtr                                                      Eryn Non Dae



Sick Of It All                                        NOFX                                                    The Toy Dolls

Agnostic Front                                   Converge                                            Buzzcocks

Anti Flag                                               Gallows                                                Atari teenage Riot

Terror                                                   Unearth                                               Punish Yourself

Deez Nuts                                           The Casualties                                    Senser

Negative Approach                         Bury Your Dead                                Cockney Rejects

Bane                                                      Retox                                                    Le Bal Des Enragés

Berri Txarrak                                      Justine                                                  Treponem Pal

Vera Cruz                                                                                                            The Decline


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Hellfest 2013 map




*Line up subject to change





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