Hel – Das Atmen der Erde (cd)


Hel was founded in 1994 by Valdr, and became one of the first German Metal bands dealing with mythologic themes in their lyrics and music.  In 1997 Skaldir joined the band.  Two demos later, the first album Orloeg was released.

In 2004 they released the long awaited follow up “Pagan Midgard Art” to much critical acclaim.

Following in 2005, the concept album “Falland Vorandi” was released.  Dealing with “The death of Balder” it is widely considered to be Hel’s most complex and time-consuming album to date.

Hel then decided to try a different approach and released their acoustic masterpieace, “Tristheim”.


In “Das Atmen der Erde” Hel continue to try out new ideas, mixing both elements of shoegaze and blackmetal taking the best parts of each genre and morphing it into an original and unique sound.

Throughout the album you cant help but marvel at the majestic sounds of the shoegaze influenced tracks such as “Wo die Tannen thronen” and “Von Reiter und Flutross” which draw comparisons to Alcest or the raw black metal influences on tracks such as “Wanderer im Nebelmeer” with its otherwordly vocals, or the closing track “Neun Gestade tiefer” with its unadulterated power and perfect mix of styles.

Overall “Das Atmen der Erde” provides you with an insight into this unique and underrated band and makes you wonder what they will do next.


Highlight of the cd: “Neun Gestade tiefer”


Rating: 7/10


Track listing:

1. Wo die Tannen thronen;
2. Wagemut;
3. Von Reiter und Flutross;
4. Wanderer im Nebelmeer;
5. Komm zurück;
6. Am Grunde der Unendlichkeit;
7. Wyrd;
8. So Wahrheit, erkennemich;
9. Jagdnacht;
10. Eroberer;
11. Träumers Melodie;
12. Neun Gestade Tiefer;


Valdr – guitar, voice
Skaldir – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Hamar – bass, vocals


For more information on Hel please check out the Official Hel Facebook Page HERE or The Official Hel Website HERE


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