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On 20 May 2016
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Successful crossover bands are like holographic, first edition Charizard Pokemon cards – they’re rare but magnificent in every way. When it comes to Hatebreed, we have ourselves such a band. For the past two decades they’ve blended metal and hardcore with effortless aplomb, able to excite both the fiercely loyal crowds of Bloodstock and the relentless throngs at Ghostfest with consumate ease. Throw in one of the most charismatic frontmen in the business in Jamey Jasta and it becomes clear why they command such respect amongst the community. Last week, they added a new trove of material to their already impressive arsenal in The Concrete Confessional; their seventh studio album, released by Nuclear Blast and produced once again by Chris ‘Zeuss’ Harris, who has done every one of their records to date.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Hatebreed haven’t turned folk or country on us. Nope, this is as Ronsil as you can get; the album title says ‘Concrete’ and this is another heavy slab of what Jasta and co do best. Thirteen fast and furious songs over in the blink of an eye – only one song exceeds three minutes in length – and by the end of it you’re sat there wondering what kind of sucker punch just belted you round the face for the last half an hour. So far, so good, much Hate, very Breed, wow. There are the odd little nuances here and there – Jamey’s singing vocals on ‘The Grace We’ve Fallen’, for example – but as said before, the people who have followed this band for the last twenty years will be delighted with the offerings here and will gleefully bang their heads and throws shapes for the duration, then put the album back to the start and do it all over again.

If you’ve never listened to Hatebreed before, this is an album which will delight fans of the following: Slayer (‘Looking Down the Barrel of Today’), Machine Head (‘Something’s Off’), The Misfits (‘The Apex Within’) and Sick Of It All (pretty much everything else). If you like things with groove, crunch, riffs and always enjoy a good old mosh, then Hatebreed might well be your new favourite band.

Band lineup

Jamey Jasta – vocals
Chris Beattie – bass
Wayne Lozniak – guitar
Matt Byrne – drums
Frank Novinec – guitar

Track listing

Looking Down the Barrel of Today
Seven Enemies
In the Walls
From Grace We’ve Fallen
Us Against Us
Something’s Off
Remember When
Slaughtered in Their Dreams
The Apex Within
Walking the Knife
Serve Your Masters



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