Hard Rock Hell V – Village of the Damned – Saturday (Festival)

The Seagulls of doom wake us with their food dance for the final day of this three day rock marathon.

Our day starts meeting up and interviewing the recently reformed nwobhm heros Bronz, the Dark Priest Michael McKeegan and Neil Jones from the Irish band Therapy? (Click HERE) and young up and coming whippersnappers Dear Superstar.

Managing to catch the end of Bronz’s set we witness the comeback of this classic nwobhm band playing to a packed out Vic. Reunited with original vocalist Max Bacon (who was best known for his part in the ill fated aor supergroup GTR, and his collaboration with Mark Oldfield) and strengthened with reinforcements drafted in from XUFO they play a cracking set and easily win over the crowd.

Hopefully they will continue this type of form and capture the commercial success which had previously eluded them.

Reckless Love are next up.

Having witnessed Olli and the boys several times in the past we knew what to expect from this high kicking, glam rock based group. Superb showmanship, catchy tunes, and the obligatory hoard of women flashing at the band are the order of the day.

Finally a replacement for Motley Crue? – we hope so.

Highlight of the set: Back To Paradise

Set List:
Animal Attraction;
Born To Break Your Heart;
Dirty Dreams;
Back to Paradise;
On The Radio;
Beatutiful Bomb;
One More Time;

Shooting off to interview the legendary rocker Lizzy Borden (Click HERE to read the interview) we return to watch Bonafide open up the main stage.

Thanks to MASSIVE radio play and having THAT song included on a Classic Rock cd, as well as playing a gig in one of the chalets AND playing a cracking acoustic set main stage was filled to capacity to see Bonafide open up.

Playing a set of out and out classic rock sounds the guys did not disappoint and set about proving exactly why they are one of the break through acts to emerge in 2011.

Highlight of the set: the anthem Fill Your Head With Rock. Closely followed by I Don’t Need No Doctor.

Set List:
Dirt Bound;
No Doubt About It;
Hard Living Man;
Cant Get Through;
Butter You Up;
I Don’t Need No Doctor;
Big Boss Man;
Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock and Roll);
Night Time;
Fill Your Head;

Next up we have Orange Goblin.

Having seen these guys several times over the years we knew what to expect.

By their own admission they were “not every ones cup of tea” and you do wonder if they would have been better suited to either opening up main stage or headlining second stage, irrespective of this Ben Ward and the boys did a great job in those circumstances and even managed to create a mosh pit in front of main stage.

Highlight of the set: Scorpionica

Set List:
They Come Back;
Quincy The Pig Boy;
Red Tide Rising;
The Ballad of Solomon Eagle;
Stand For Something;
Round Up The Horses;
Some You Win, Some You Lose;
Blue Snow;
Acid Trial;

Moving on we have classic sleaze rockers The Quireboys.

Having promised to “blow Michael Monroe off the stage” Spike and the gang set about trying to achieve just that.

Putting on their most energetic performance for years and playing a huge special Hard Rock Hell set to make up for the disappointment caused by Ace’s cancellation, they went down a storm. Opening track “I Love This Dirty Town” laid the foundations for a unique set showcasing the band illustrious history fitting and previewing a few tracks from the upcoming album.

A great show coupled with a fantastic set = result!

Highlight of the set: the anthem 7 O’Clock.

Set List:
I Love This Dirty Town;
Tramps and Thieves;
There She Goes Again;
Too Much Off A Good Thing (From New Album);
Roses and Rings;
Hey You;
Mona Lisa Smiled;
Mother Mary (From New Album);
Sweet Mary Ann;
I Don’t Love You Any More;
7 O’Clock.

Following on we have the legend that is Michael Monroe.

Best known for being part of Hanoi Rocks, the seasoned singer puts on a performance tonight that puts his show at Download in 2010 to shame.

Perhaps he was spurred on by Spikes comments of blowing them off the stage ? who knows  or cares ~ all that is important is that he  put on a truly blinding show which will go down in the history of Hard Rock Hell as being one of the most memorable to date, with high flying antics, arguing with the security who tried to keep him back from the crowd, and scaling the scaffolding at the side of the stage during his encore which we managed to capture on video HERE

Highlight of the set: ’78

Set List:

Trick of The Wrist;
Got Blood?;
Modern Day Miracle;
Hammersmith Palais;
Nothin’s Alright;
Superpowered Superfly;
Bombs Away;
Back To Mystery City;
Malibu Beach Nightmare;
Dead, Jail or Rock ‘n’ Roll;
Encore – Walk This Way;
Ain’t Nothin’ To Do;
I Feel Alright/Radar Love;

Moving on we catch a bit of Black Stone Cherry before retiring for the night.

And so ends another Hard Rock Hell at Stalag Prestatyn ~ bring on the next one!!

Photographs and Interviews To Follow.

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Orange Goblin: http://www.facebook.com/orangegoblinofficial
The Quireboys: http://www.facebook.com/quireboys
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