HAIRY BALLS Challenge interview with Fede Valls – 4th March 2014

I spoke to Fede Valls, the brains and well the balls behind the Fede’s Hairy Balls Challenge outside Ivory Blacks last night to find out how he thought up this challenge and why, how folk can enter, what each contender needs to do, any wacky ideas for raising funds to save him from being shaved and if he has big enough cojones to follow the challenge through. If any of you lot know Fede you will know that he definitely has big ones!!

Fede HAIRY BALLS ChallengeFede is joined by seven other willing contenders including our very own Planetmosh Tog Neil Henderson plus Connor Flello, Kenny Mcalpine, Chris Hoyles, Richard Tilley, Connor Sanders and last but no means least Craig Metalruss Russell, who is also raising funds by spending the whole of the Beermageddon Festival dressed as a woman!


Why? Because they are willing to risk losing every hair on their body should they raise the least amount of money over the 3 month HAIRY BALLS Challenge.

The Challenge starts on Monday 10th March and they NEED our support! It’s the least we can do considering the sacrifice they’re making, eh? Get involved in the HAIRY BALLS Challenge – join the cause, make a pledge, donate, ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ this page.

We will be posting all the contenders JustGiving links on Monday and also regular updates through the challenge :)

There is still time to enter this challenge and help make a difference by raising support and awareness for The Teenage Cancer Trust!


Headbangers Balls is officially partnered by Teenage Cancer Trust.
Founder: Andy Pilkington
Assistant: Beth Hughes

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