H A R K Pre Fest Interview – Damnation 2014

H A R K chats with Planetmosh to tell us about the band, what they have been up to, what you can expect from them when they play at Damantion on Saturday, 1st November at 16.15 on the Plastic Head Distribution Stage, new album, their future plans plus more!

Can you give the readers a quick introduction to the band.
Hark are a heavy, progressive, power-trio from Swansea, Wales. Featuring ex. Taint frontman Jimbob Isaac, and former Whyteleaf rhythm section Nikolai Ribnikov and Simon Bonwick

Hark-Logo-500How would you describe your sound.
Continuing Jimbob Isaac’s sludge/rock legacy and combining it with Niko and Simon’s progressive chops, has created a uniquely heavy proposition in Hark.

What has been the bands biggest achievement so far?
Releasing the ‘Crystalline’ album, with Kurt Ballou (Converge) mixing and with guest vocals from Neil Fallon (Clutch). As well as undertaking extensive European tours with Clutch, Red Fang and stand-out appearances at the Hellfest, Roadburn and Temples festivals.

How was your European/UK Tour with KEN Mode being going? Are stories from the road that you care to share?
The Hark/Ken Mode co-headliner, was a tough yet rewarding tour. The gruelling schedule made for some sleepless nights, but high energy performances. You’ll have to ask tour comedian Garret Jaimeson about the tour stories. Just don’t ask him about the Banana in the red light district.

What has the fan reaction to your latest album ‘Crystalline’ that was released in March been?
The reaction to ‘Crystalline’ has been most affirming, from fans and critics alike. We’ve been glad to take it on the road, and play it out for people in the flesh. We’re humbled by the responses.

How did you come up with the idea for ‘Scarlet Extremities’ video?
The performance aspect was dictated to by our limited budget, and the help of our friend Jody Cusack. We came up with the narrative idea collectively, after the performance shoot. Jimbob storyboarded the idea, and Jody pulled the stops out, to film it as beautifully as he could. Our post-production friend Sam Gregory added his sprinkles of magic under direction from Jimbob, and the final result is just what we had hoped for. This video is proof of what you can achieve with a clear vision, despite such a modest budget.

What can the audience expect from you at the festival.
A high energy set, with honesty and conviction. Hark is equally cathartic as it is creative, so expect all elements to shine through.

HARK bandWhat are you looking forward to most at Damnation!
Arm-wrestling with various members of Orange Goblin, and watching Bolt Thrower.

What is your opinion of the Damnation line-up.
It’s another stellar lineup, and we’re honoured to be invited to join it.

Can you sum up Damnation in one sentence!
Heaviness defined.

How would you describe the metal music scene today. What has changed over the last few years?
Bands have to be more hands on than ever these days. Hark would not have achieved half the things we set out to do this year, if it wasn’t for the DIY ethic that runs in this band.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
We headline the Buried In Smoke Christmas festival, in Oxford on Dec. 6th, and will then continue writing for the next album. We will also head out to Greece and Bulgaria in February and are planning more tours for the rest of 2015.

Any message you wish to pass on to the PM readers?
Question everything.


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