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3 songs out of the 7 on the self titled e.p by London based Green River Project are instrumentals. That may seem excessive at 1st but on listening to the guitar histrionics by founder member Mick Priestley then its a bit of a no brainer.  Be it his gentle acoustic picking or multi speed shredding, his talent is jaw dropping! The remaining 4 songs are no slouches either. Opener Dig Your Grave begins with a melodic guitar/piano segment into an Yngwie Malmsteen style guitar passage giving into an Alice Cooper type groove. 2nd track No Return’s intro has a Bark At The Moon feel before heading off into speed metal tempo topped off with a ridiculously ott guitar solo! Both these tracks feature drumming from Adrian Orlandsson from Cradle Of Filth. 3rd track Out Of The Dark Below has another guest appearance. None other than ex Dragonforce vocalist Z.P Theart who stamps his authority on this 5 minute epic. The Ozzy influences come to the fore again with the Diary Of A Madman riff opening and featuring during the almost spoken word verses inbetween more speed metal and another stunning guitar solo. Nowhere To Run has a harder edge vocal by Andy Law over a Maidenesque galloping rhythm. The 3 instrumentals are the well known Flight Of The Bumblebee ; The Storm has a gentle acoustic intro before some fast picked electric kicks in but Summer Presto is the pick of the bunch! A Satriani style guitar workout with some fine powerhouse drumming by Alex Martin.

So there you have it, a very metal follow up to their debut e.p Nothin To Lose. Metal Hammer magazine have described Green River Project as “Proper British heavy f**kin metal” and you cant disagree with that. The e.p can be downloaded for £4.00 or as  an autographed cd bought for £5.99 from the band’s website.


Green River Project band line up :-

Andy Law- Vocals.

Mick Priestley- Guitar/Bass.

Alex Martin- Drums.


EP track listing :-

Dig Your Grave.

No Return.

Out Of The Dark Below.

Flight Of The Bumblebee.

Nowhere To Run.

Summer Presto.

The Storm.


I award the Green River Project ep 9/10.


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