Gone Is Gone Announce New Album, Play Live Debut Show

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Less then 14 days after announcing its formation and a new single, “Violescent”, USA-based heavy rock band Gone Is Gone has made its live debut. Featuring Troy Sanders (Mastodon), Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age, A Perfect Circle, Sweethead), Tony Hajjar (At The Drive In), and multi-instrumentalist Mike Zarin, the band caused an immediate stir. Anticipation and momentum have been built as the band performed an eleven-song set (shown below) to a sold-out crowd at The Dragonfly in Los Angeles, on April 27.

Bassist and vocalist Sanders said, to Reddit, that the group came together as an offshoot of some cinematic music writing he and Hajjar were doing. “Tony Hajjar and I have been composing and recording music together for film trailers since 2008. We had a track that we wrote that seemed to resonate with us and also found its way into a lot of film trailers (Old Boy, the Spiderman video game, and others). We felt like this style needed a band.”

Gone Is Gone is here to stay, as well. Sanders told Reddit “For better or worse, this will last a lifetime. Kind of like a marriage – or a jail sentence.” It will enhance, not replace, the members’ other projects. Hajjar told Rolling Stone that “Gone Is Gone is a project that can live, even when we are working with our other entities as well. The goal is to be able to compose remotely, if needed, on film, trailers, or on anything else that comes up…”

For those of us who appreciate the finer side of heavy, get ready. The Loudwire staff attended the debut show, and states “…there are distortion filled soundscapes with heavy low end and time shifts that lead to songs that feel atmospheric at some points and just rock at others.”

The band’s eponymous EP will be released on July 8th, through Rise Records / BMG. In the meantime, here’s “Violescent”.

The setlist was as follows:
This Chapter
* Roads
Sad Song
* Slow
One Divided
* = not from the album

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Note: special thanks to Blabbermouth, Loudwire, Rolling Stone magazine, and Reddit for contributing to this report.


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