Glorior Belli – The Great Southern Darkness.



My second Metal Blade review of the week and this was the most challenging.The album in question is The Great Southern Darkness by French metallers Glorior Belli.Due for release on Sept 27th it took a few plays to get my head around it.Vocally wise its roots are set in death metal but the drums are very jazz like in places and the guitar work summons up Mindfunk/Amen/Fugazi in my opinion.Its hard to choose standout tracks as the whole album has so much going on in it that i’ve now listened to it 4 times continuously but the instrumental Chaos Manifested is stunning.The album is now on its 5th play whilst typing this, demands 100% attention and is not background music.It really is that intense!
Glorior Belli formed in Paris in December 2002.This album is their 5th release,following their 2004 demo Evil Archaic Order and the following 3 albums:-
O Landate Dominvs 2005.
Manifesting The Raging Beast 2007.
Meet Us At The Southern Sign 2009.

Track listing for The Great Southern Darkness :-
1.Dark Gnosis.
2.Secret Ride To Rebellion.
3.They Call Me Black Devil.
4.Negative Incarnate.
5.Bring Down The Cosmic Scheme.
6.The Great Southern Darkness.
7.The Foolhardy Venturer.
8.Per Nox Regna.
9.The Science Of Shifting.
10.Chaos Manifested.
11.Horns In My Path.

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