Gasoline Outlaws – Light Up The World.

Gasoline Outlaws.

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On 7 April 2019
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Light Up The World is a fitting title for an album that shines bright from start to finish.

Gasoline Outlaws are the second band this year that have until now slipped under my radar. Latest studio album Light Up The World should have been released on April 5th but for a problem not of their own but from their Pledge campaign means it won’t see the light of day until May 10th but it’s well worth the wait!

The Belfast based quartet consisting of Matt Fitzsimons on lead vocals, Chris Fitzsimons on bass guitar, Adam Parkin on guitar and Ryan Hood on drums have a knack of penning instantly memorable songs with hooks that get right under your skin, point proven by the title track that opens the album with an early 70’s glam rock vibe, all big catchy riffs and snapping snare drums. ‘Livin’ This Way’ has an upbeat, feel good mood running throughout as a strong main riff dominates. ‘Better Days Coming’ is crunching hard rock with a showstopping lead vocal as beautiful harmonies wash over huge riffing with cathartic screams coming in midway and in the outro.

‘Where We Started’ is a string drenched poignant power ballad that’s utterly gripping and will claw at your heart. ‘Psycho’, a slow burning grooved epic steamrolls along until a rhythm change midway shifts into a blistering guitar solo. I got a bit of an REM vibe throughout the acoustic chords of ‘The System Is A Lie’ but that was dispelled as it becomes a much heavier animal to end on. ‘Fight For One More Day’ is aptly titled as it’s not just a song but a chest beating statement of intent! ‘Executed’ is another beautiful ballad as Matt delivers with total conviction as piano and acoustic guitar work give it a stripped back feel.

‘Breathe Again’ is the heaviest track here, a full on headbanger with powerful choruses and a raging wah wah guitar solo as this strong second album of theirs ends far too soon with ‘Hard Times’. It has a western feel mainly from the drum patterns. This song has everything and I had it on repeat play at least 3 times before I made any notes about it. Lung busting vocals and wailing guitar work add to the intensity. If you like your rock hard with tons of melody mixed in then Light Up The World is an essential purchase!

Light Up The World album track listing :-

Light Up The World.

Livin’ This Way.

Better Days Coming.

Where We Started.


The System Is A Lie.

Fight For One More Day.


Breathe Again.

Hard Times.

Light Up The World is a fitting title for an album that shines bright from start to finish.

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