Furyon + MAIR + Audiodriver – The Vale, Glasgow – Saturday September 8th

It’s not often you can say “I remember seeing this band when they were just starting out” but on Saturday night in Glasgow I was lucky to be one of those people as Brighton metallers Furyon came to town with local guys Mair and Audiodriver in support.

I had the pleasure of reviewing Gravitas, Furyon’s debut album, back in March and was delighted to get both the chance to speak with vocalist Matt Mitchell before the gig (which of course you can check out right here) and also catch them in all their live glory.

I’ll come back to just how good they were shortly, but firstly you have to understand the venue. It was a surprise to me when the tour was announced that of all the places in Glasgow to play, The Vale was the one picked. It’s a pokey wee venue that holds at most probably 100 folk at a push. Very raw, very in your face, very hot and sweaty with the bands almost mixing it with the punters.

I have to make my apologies firstly to Audiodriver who opened the night. At this point I was out with Matt Mitchell so only caught the tail end of their set as they closed out with a couple of covers. Their sound comes across as classic rock fused with punkish elements and I’ll make a point of catching them properly next time to see how their own tracks sound. I did feel for them though. At the time of playing they were pretty much playing to a few punters enjoying a drink at the bar which can be pretty demoralising but fair credit to them as they played through the tail end of their set with much vim and vigour.

As MAIR took to the stage things were starting to busy up and this increase in the crowd helped bring the best out in them, none more so than the double teaming going on throughout their set between guitarist Davy Wilson and bassist Miranda who at one point weaved her way in and out of the crowd like a whirling dervish playing as she did. There’s a hugely impulsive energy that Mair have since her joining that has helped elevate them further up the metal ladder here in Glasgow. They’re quickly becoming a solid and entertaining band with some great southern groove styled thunderous metal that puts me in mind of Down and Pantera in places mixed in with shades of Lamb of God and Machine Head. A great set that got the crowd going, although I have to say my favourites bookended it with opener “Prizefighter” setting the tone for the whole set before they tore it apart at the end with “The Quick and the Bled”. I think there’s lots of great times around the corner from MAIR in Glasgow and beyond.

With the departure of MAIR we suddenly found an influx of people cramming into The Vale to catch Furyon as they set the atmosphere with Enter The Dragon. I have to admit to being a little bit worried about how they would sound given the recent departure of Chris Green. With Pat Heath handling all guitar duties on this tour I thought the songs may have suffered but not one chance. The Vale most certainly gave one thing for the performance, its such a small venue that you’re hearing everything in its rawest form and to me, where Furyon were concerned, that was a great thing. Matt Mitchell’s vocals are something like a cross between David Coverdale, Russell Allen and Layne Staley. He oozes personality and charm on stage and had everyone under his spell right from the off. His soaring vocals reached out and across the intimate crowd, especially in tracks such as “Souvenirs”, “New Way of Living” and “Our Peace Someday” while Pat Heath’s guitar trickery and skills were mesmerising. As well as being treated to the majority of Gravitas played right in our faces, they also introduced brand new track, “Nothing on Me”, that went down a storm and has that Furyon trademark sound and structure stamped all over it. It was an absolute treat to be able to see a band like this in such close proximity and while space in the venue restricted their movement, it in no way restricted the quality of their performance from start to finish as they blew The Vale apart at the end with their new single and crowd pleaser “Disappear Again”.

A fantastic night of live music from start to finish in Glasgow that in the future will allow me to say “I remember seeing this band when they were just starting out”. Furyon are kicking ass everywhere they go and I’m looking forward to the next time they’re in my neck of the woods with, I would anticipate, a far greater stage to perform on.

Matt Mitchell – Vocals
Pat Heath – Guitars
Alex “Nickel” Bowen – Bass
Lee Farmery – Drums


MAIR are:
Del Wilson-Vocals
Davy Wilson- Rhythm Guitar
Andrew McGlone- Lead Guitar
Den Bonura- Traps


Audiodriver are:
Adam Culyer – Guitar/Vocals
Craig Brown – Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Mark Murray – Drums & Percussion
Tony Reilly – Bass Guitar



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