Dad Maria – Sequences e.p

Hamburg based techno metal band Dad Maria have been around since 2001 and their latest release, the 5 track e.p Sequences sees them assaulting the senses with a frantic mixture of System Of A Down, The Prodigy and Moby. Sequences was released on 27th July 2012 and  is available on mp3 download from Amazon, Cd Baby, i Tunes and Spotify. A hard copy of the album can be bought direct from the band via the email address  “” or from their facebook page, Amazon or Cd Baby. The cd also comes with a bonus video of  R.T.F.M, a track off Sequences.

I mainly listen to heavy rock/metal music so it took a few plays to get into Sequences but Dad Maria are a very talented trio and create music with punishing techno, heavy guitars  and with a touch of ambience thrown in to mellow the songs out for more texture. Of course it has to be played at ear shattering volume so with my headphones on, 1st track Mask Of Good’ s restrained opening gives way to some frantic techno over an almost death metal vocal. An ambient midsection then sees the song end in a full on metal workout with a reggae vocal sample to catch the listener off guard.

2nd track Thank You So Honestly is keyboard heavy with an almost clean vocal, the guitars only really crash in on the choruses but the track ends so heavy, it could have come from The Berzerker! R.T.F.M has a clean/shouted call and response vocal over a wall of guitars with a killer chorus and use of vocal samples. Certainly the heaviest track on Sequences.

A Heart Beats can only be described as a mix of System Of A Down and Moby with a haunting, almost schizophrenic vocal over an intermittent heart beat sample. Final track Meet N Greet (Digital Death Mix) is the most pure techno track musically on Sequences but is still heavy enough to blow eardrums out and the aggressive vocal gives it a hard edge.

Sequences is a very challenging listen but well worth the effort and i look forward to hearing their next release!


Dad Maria band line up :-

Benjamin Kapidzic – Vocals/synths/guitars.

Frederic Twisterling – Guitars/vocals.

Jan Ludwig – Drums/effects.


Sequences track listing :-

Mask Of Good.

Thank You So Honestly.


A Heart Beats.

Meet N Greet (Digital Death Mix).


I award the e.p 9/10.


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