Fury UK Interview – Tour with Michael Schenker.

Planetmosh’s Lara Kisel, catches up with Fury UK whilst they supported for Michael Schenker in Europe. We find out just what Fury UK plans are now Luke has joined ICED EARTH and discuss what the other members are getting their teeth sucked into.

Lara- Hope your all doing well these past few months you must have been extremely busy, prep for the European tour new material and extra musical projects. So let’s start with Michael Schenker. Hows the experience so far?

Chris : It’s great, we toured with him before back in 2009 in the UK. So to tour with him in Europe is great. We’ve developed a lot of European fans & friends over the past few years, so its great to see our shirts out there in a Michael Schenker crowd.

Lara- How have the fans of Schenker taken to Fury UK?

Chris : The fans have really taken to us, we’ve made a lot of the new friends.

Lara- Obviously this is a huge opportunity what we’re your expectations and how did the real event live up to that vision?

Chris : It’s been fantastic, we love touring Europe, and it’s always cool to tour with a legendary artist like Michael Schenker.

Lara- Fury UK are playing everywhere at the minute from supporting to Headliners what festivals will Fury UK be making an appearance?

Chris : So far this year we’ve played Hammerfest, Prestatyn, Wales. PPM festival, Belgium. We recently headlined the UK version of Powermad Festival in Kent. Due other band commitments which I’m sure we’ll talk about in a minute we will explain why it ‘might’ not be possible for Fury UK to do any more festivals this year.

Lara- Are they any festivals you will be attending socially to have a break from playing and embrace other talents?

Chris : As many as we can. We like to catch up with our friends from other bands & press at most festivals.

Lara- So at the minute you have a free MP3 download for a new track ‘Taste the Blood’ is this building up to more releases? are you currently working on new ideas for new material?

Chris : This was going to be a new track on the forthcoming Fury UK album, but that has been put hold for the time being, so we released as a free download to give something fresh for the fans. :)

Lara- The news of your bass player Luke Appleton has spread like wildfire as he steps up to play for ICED EARTH, What is going through your mind right now and what will you be offering to Iced Earth?

Chris : Luke was 1st on the list for the new bassist, he didn’t even have to audition, they knew he’s right for the job. Iced Earth is Luke’s all time favourite band. So as well as being a massive opportunity, it is like a dream come true for him. His first gigs are in India, Cyprus, North America. Also he will appear on the new Iced Earth Live DVD!

Lara- So things are really getting exciting in and around the world of Fury UK, I heard Chris Appleton and Martin Mcnee are doing their own side project as well a new metal band…what can you tell us about this project and what are you guys looking to achieve with this new metal band?

Chris : A new band has been formed  due to Luke’s new Iced Earth commitments. None of us felt that it would be right to get someone to stand in for Luke in Fury UK. As Fury UK is the 3 members, Myself, Martin & Luke. No-one else. The new band will be announced very soon, introducing new members. It will also be a 4 piece band, with a second guitarist. We have a new album written, studio time booked, support shows & headline tour booked, also festivals booked. So watch this space!

Lara- Not only all this but the Appleton’s hold free local gigs to get local bands a shot to play in Manchester city centre and chill at a well-known heavy metal bar Grand Central…

Chris- We stay involved with the music industry, big & small. We love it!

Lara- So with all these extras going on what is the future for Fury UK?

Chris : As soon as we finish this tour, Fury UK will temporarily go on hold. Luke will be busy with Iced Earth touring & studio, Myself & Martin have the new band, to sink our teeth into. It’s all big exciting stuff for all of us. But have no doubt in mind, that Fury UK will be back!!!

Lara- Thank you guys for your time in speaking with Planetmosh. All the best and look forward to catching up again soon.


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