Spit Like This – Normalityville Horror (cd)

Having played at the likes of Wacken, and had three consecutive main-stage appearances at the Hard Rock Hell festival in the UK. As well as playing the inaugral Hard Rock Hell Road Trip in Ibiza and headlined the Saturday night at the 6th Chaos Festival in the Channel Islands. Spit Like This are rapidly becoming a name which is known far outside of the sphere of the traditional sleaze scene.

Having had the pleasure of seeing Spit Like This several times I was somewhat interested when Lord Zion announced that they were working on a second album.

For those unfamiliar with SLT they are similar to Guinness or Marmite in that you either love them or hate them ~ there is no middle ground.

Opening song “Sick” brings the album kicking and screaming to life with its classic Spit Like This sounds before “Normalityville Horror” takes a sleazier turn before “Zero to sixty” takes you to insanity and back” with its fast paced, catchy riffs and quirky lyrics.

“Dragged Kicking & Screaming” starts off on an out an out classic ‘60’s rock’n’roll inspired theme with superb guitar playing featuring heavily throughout the track and acts as a well placed introduction to “Teen Angel”, which continues the rock’n’roll trend with its fast pace and sleaze inspired lyrics.

“The Life & Times Of The Suicide Kid” slows the pace down and unfortunately the album seems to loose momentum before last track “Dead To Me Now” brings it back in line.

In Normaility Horror Lord Zion and co have produced a record which screams classic Spit Like This with their trademark cookie, almost theatrical lyrics/themes with a mix of sleaze, 60’s rock’n’roll, rockabilly, and psychobilly unique sounds.

Highlight of the cd: a close call between “Zero To Sixty” and “Teen Angel”

Rating: 7.5/10

Track listing:

1. Sick;
2. Normalityville Horror;
3. Zero To Sixty;
4. Very Very Good At Being Bad;
5. Dragged Kicking & Screaming;
6. Teen Angel;
7. The Life & Times Of The Suicide Kid;
8. Oh No! Here We Go!;
9. The Dumb Song;
10. Dead To Me Now;

Lord Zion – Vocals
Vikki Spit – Bass
Vile Gilez – Drums
Rob Riot – Guitars

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