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On 3 April 2018
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A near faultless display of melodic rock by a band at the top of their game. A must buy.

Atomic Generation, studio album number eleven from the national treasure that is FM, features eleven stunning tracks of premium melodic rock available now via Frontiers Music.

Self produced, something I’m a firm believer in with a very in your face mix, point proven by opener ‘Black Magic’. Showing their heavier side, speaker rattling powerchords provide backing for the first soaring vocal from Steve Overland. Lush backing vocals with plenty of “Woah oh oh’s” thrown in for good measure will surely make it a live favourite. ‘Too Much Of A Good Thing’, the first of many gripping power ballads, so prolific I would wager that they could write these in their sleep. The vocals captivate as do the melodies with lead guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick letting rip at the end.

   ‘Killed By Love’ is rash catchingly feel good AOR with a huge chorus, perfect for blasting out with the car windows down in the summer. ‘In It For The Money’ is another big riffer backed by hard hitting dynamics. ‘Golden Days’ has a simple but instantly memorable main riff that drives to a chorus that will have you singing it at the top of your voice. ‘Playing Tricks On Me’ is a bit of a curious foot tapper with Jim playing some neat Santana like licks but it reminded me of ‘Abracadabra’ by Steve Miller in the verses. ‘Make The Most Of What You Got’ brought to mind the pazazz of vintage Foreigner. Stabbing keyboards from Jem Davis and a gritty lead vocal make it one of my album highlights.

    ‘Follow Your Heart’, a contender for the heaviest track here with guest Chris Cliffe adding some hefty cello lines giving muscle to the riffs as Jim ends it with an outro flurry of wah -wah lead breaks. Heart strings are pulled by lead and backing emotional vocals throughout ‘Do You Love Me’. ‘Stronger’ lives up to its title with beefy riffing, fretboard skirmishes and a lung busting vocal from Steve and the album ends on a high with one of their trademark ballads called ‘Love Is The Law’, a song so gentle you could play it in a library and not get thrown out! A powerful number proving that Atomic Generation is all killer, no filler!

Atomic Generation album track listing :-

Black Magic.

Too Much Of A Good Thing.

Killed By Love.

In It For The Money.

Golden Days.

Playing Tricks On Me.

Make The Best Of What You Got.

Follow Your Heart.

Do You Love Me Enough.


Love Is The Law.

FM band line up :-

Steve Overland – Lead vocals/guitar.

Merv Goldsworthy – Bass guitar.

Pete Jupp – Drums.

Jem Davis – Keyboards.

Jim Kirkpatrick – Lead guitar.




A near faultless display of melodic rock by a band at the top of their game. A must buy.

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