Fear Factory – The Industrialist (cd)


When you think of Fear Factory your mind automatically conjures images of mechanical, hardcore industrial power fused metal.

When the brothers of destruction, Mr Dino Cazares and Burton C. Bell were re-united in 2010 for the “Mechanize” album after spending ten long years apart, people wondered how long would it last and what would happen next after the album was released.

In true Fear Factory fashion the band simply got on with things and banged out another epic album.

With “The Industrialist” Fear Factory seem to have re-kindled the fire that seemed to burn low while Dino and Burton were separated.

“They said that the world was coming to an end…. it ended and it was caused by our own hand. The world just kept on turning” with those opening words you realise that Fear Factory are back firing on all cylinders.

Opening track “The Industrialist” sets the scene with its classic old school Fear Factory.

Throughout the album you get glimpses of the old Fear Factory be it with the lyrics themselves, the crashing guitar riffs, the thumping industrial beats or thunderous vocals that they are known for.

“Recharger” has Replica era Fear Factory stamped all over it and stands out as the killer track from the album and is easily the highlight of the album

“The Industrialist” proves that even now, some 23 years after they started, Fear Factory are still going strong and are still a force to be reckoned with on the cutting edge of the metal scene.


Rating: 10/10

Track listing:

01. The Industrialist;
02. Recharger;
03. New Messiah;
04. God Eater;
05. Depraved Mind Murder;
06. Virus of Faith;
07. Difference Engine;
08. Dissemble;
09. Religion is Flawed Because Man is Flawed;
10. Human Augmentation;


Vocals – Burton C. Bell
Guitars – Dino Cazares
Bass -Matt DeVries
Drums: Mike Heller



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