Fates Warning – Inside Out (2012 Remaster)

Fates Warning are synonymous with the Progressive Metal revolution and along with fellow alumni Queensryche and Dream Theater, are key players responsible for this unique and exciting aspect of metal.  Beginning life in Hartford, Conneticut way back in 1982 with an original line up consisting of vocalist John Arch, guitarists Jim Matheos and Victor Arduini, Joe DiBaise on Bass Guitar and drummer Steve Zimmerman, the band have, since then, had various line-up changes with Jim Matheos being the only continuous original member. They have built on and continued the legacy they created with the release of their first album Night On Brocken back in 1984.

This year sees the re-release of their 1994 classic Inside Out. Originally produced by Bill Metoyer and Fates Warning, it is being re-mastered and released through Metal Blade Records.  This will be their first output since 2004’s FWX and is being released as a double album.

CD1 features re-mastered classics like Down To The Wire, Shelter Me, and Afterglow. The production is first class; crisp, clear and faultless. Album opener Outside Looking In lets you know in no uncertain terms what you’re in for and by the time we hit the closer Afterglow you know that you just listened to something unique and special.

CD2 is a mix of live compilations and demo tracks. Eleventh Hour from 1991 Parallels is a particularly strong track, reminding us why Fates Warning are still top of their game. Face The Fear is superb as a live track, bursting with energy and raw power, while demo versions of such brilliant tunes as Pale Fire, Shelter me and Outside Looking In, give an insight into song construction and progression letting the listener literally step into the studio with the band to see where these songs came from.

This album has it all, from the re-mastering of a 1994 classic, to the power of the band, captured live right through to raw demo versions of songs we know and love so well.

I would expect this release to bring Fates Warning to the attention of many new fans and to perhaps being some older fans back who have, for whatever reason, strayed from the path of this mighty metal band.

Released 5th June 2012 through Metal Blade Records.


1. Outside Looking In (Re-Mastered)
2. Pale Fire (Re-Mastered)
3. The Strand (Re-Mastered)
4. Shelter Me (Re-Mastered)
5. Island In The Stream (Re-Mastered)
6. Down To The Wire (Re-Mastered)
7. Face The Fear (Re-Mastered)
8. Inward Bound (Re-Mastered)
9. Monument (Re-Mastered)
10. Afterglow (Re-Mastered)

1. Outside Looking In (Live)
2. Down To The Wire (Live)
3. The Eleventh Hour (Live)
4. Point of View (Live)
5. Face The Fear (Live)
6. Outside Looking In (Demo)
7. Pale Fire (Demo)
8. Shelter Me (Demo)
9. Island In The Stream (Demo)
10. Face The Fear (Demo)
11. Monument (Rough Mix)
12. Circles (Demo)

Band Members (This release):
Vocals: Ray Alder
Guitar: Jim Matheos
Guitar: Frank Aresti
Bass: Joe DiBiase
Drums: Mark Zonder


Reviewed by Andy Wilson for Planetmosh.com

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