Kyrbgrinder and Dave Ritchie invasion interview at Les-Fest 2012

At around 2.30am in the morning after they had finished their set I catch up with the guys from Kyrbgrinder and Dave Ritchie, Les-Fest organiser for a quick interview.

With with some quick thinking and some cunning planning along with Fede, we manage to get the majority of people/bands who were at the after party to come along and join in!! As a special thanks to Dave for creating such a great festival as well as Dyna-mix Sound and Lighting.

It’s an audio interview with some pictures of the interview and after party added in!!

Bands present included Estrella, 15 Times Dead, Massive Wagons, Severenth, Fire In The Empire, Dana OHara, Praying Mantis, D3vilmaycry and of course Kyrbgrinder.



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