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This year Fallujah released their Herculean effort,  ‘The Flesh Prevails’.  Bassist Robert Morey was kind enough to give PlanetMosh some time to discuss the album, the upcoming European tour (buy your neck braces and reinforce your sphincters ahead of time) and more. 

1.The new album The Flesh Prevails has been really well received by fans and critics, can you talk to us a bit about the writing process and what you wanted to achieve with this album?

I guess for this album we wanted to expand more on ideas we had first touched upon  on the Nomadic E.P, by experimenting with more melody driven sections. Layering intensity with memorable melodies so the listener can have different experiences every time they revisit the album was important to us.

2.The album title ‘The Flesh Prevails’, is profound, was there a particular statement you wanted to make by giving the
album such a name?

Lyrically this album is about personal experience with anguish, substance experimentation, sexual themes and overall growth. The flesh prevails is not only a La Veyan nod but a statement towards expansion and growth.10410524_731373300239136_7328835715156342325_n

3. Some people have said that The Flesh Prevails carries Nomadic?

Nomadic was most definitely a bridge from our older material, that being said, The Flesh Prevails is not a Nomadic Ep part 2.

4. The Flesh Prevails features other artists, how did you come to the decision to include other musicians?

We’ve always been really open minded with regards to collaboration and influences. Involving female vocalists seemed like the right thing to do. Its instantly recognizable and provides a unique feel to the sort of style of atmospheric metal we write. AS with the solo by Christian Meunzer, Scott has been corresponding with him for years, originally as a guitar student. As our band grew he remained in touch and had voiced an interest in reaching out and providing a guest solo when the time was right.

5. I think the last time you were In Europe it was on tour with Suffocation and this time it will be with Dying Fetus. Even with the fact you have your own huge following, does being on the bill alongside Metal heavyweights like these validate you as a band?

Its always nice to have validation through one form or another, but i think we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We’re in this to grow the band, and that means being humble and sharing the stage with the fore fathers. We just wrapped up Summer Slaughter and that line up was literally filled with bands that have influenced us in one way or another.

6. From your experience do you think there’s much of a difference between how you are received by the European fans and how you are received by fans in the US?

Oh most definitely. European newcomers seem to be much more weary and devote more time before they become a fan. At least in our experience it seems you need to play Europe a few times and have a few albums out before they become fanatics. However, it really is different from country to country. When you are from the US ( while there are huge regional cultural differences), you are playing to a country that is more or less sharing a culture, and getting the same tours over and over. But when you go to Europe and your playing to French, German Swedish, UK or Italian fans, obviously they are going to have different opinions and different  receptions for you band

7. Is there any country you’re especially looking forward to returning to on your European tour?

Some of us are shameless “foodies”. And eat our way through tours. So Europe is really fun in that regard to sort indulge all of the local specialties. Were Stoked for the charcuterie all over Spain. Cured meat is life

8.Are there any countries you haven’t played in before that you aim to get to?

We really want to do the south east Asia and Australia markets. Central and South America too. Honestly theres nowhere that i don’t want to play

9.Finally, is there any new material in the works?10600611_802714049771727_3770045070450779714_n

WE are always looking to the future. There is a huge move for Fallujah relatively soon, that as you can guess will include new albums. That being said, yes, were already writing and formulating themes for the next release.



Fallujah‘s European tour with Dying Fetus, GoatWhore and Malevolence kicks off on 8th November. They will be hitting the UK/Ireland from 17th to 23rd November so be sure and check out their Facebook to find the nearest venue to you:



Judging from The Flesh Prevails, this is not a gig you want to miss: http://planetmosh.com/the-flesh-prevails-fallujah/


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