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On 14 September 2019
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A strong debut album from the North East's Fallen Mafia.

As I write this, Fallen Mafia are preparing for the launch of their first full album. Having previously released 4 EP’s ( Leather, Lipstick & Cigarettes, How the Story Ends, Asylum and Fallen if you’re interested). This then is, no doubt a labour of love and, the highlight of their recording career so far.

Interestingly the band lists several classic eighties hair metal bands at their influences but when I sat down to listen, I was presented with something completely different. If I was going to describe the band as if it was a bottle of wine I’d say it tastes of Siouxsie And The Banshees blended with the Cult with a dash of Guns and Roses.

What I also get from this recording, is that Fallen Mafia are a band who want to play live. Every song screams out to be played on a stage with loyal fans gently rocking out and signing along at the choruses.

As I work my way through the tracks I do find myself being drawn into the voice of Hannah,  I think we may just have a gothic goddess in the making here. She never tries to outdo the rest of the band, rather letting the vocals sit at just the right place in the mix.

The stand out track is definitely Breathe for which a promo video has been released. But there is, near the end of the album a little treat for any fans of “The Voice” as Rick Snowden (Series 5) makes a guest appearance.

Track List: 

  1. Fallen Mafia - AwakenWar
  2. Awaken
  3. Burn
  4. Don’t Look Back
  5. Life’s a Dance
  6. Breathe
  7. Asylum
  8. How the Story Ends
  9. Undead
  10. Heads Up
  11. Nymph

Band Members:

Hannah Neil – Vocals
Chris Johnson – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Stephen Hope – Guitar
Jack Martin – Bass
Adas Cowan – Drums


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A strong debut album from the North East's Fallen Mafia.

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