Fable releases her latest single, ‘ Human Pretending’

Fable is a young talented songstress from the south coast producing dark, energetic electronica sounds altogether separated from the music produced through todays electronic pop culture.

I caught Fable performing ahead of The Cult at their Manchester show on Saturday, and was fascinated by her lively and creative performance. My first impression was that I was watching a female-lead Rock band, playing tracks that had a coarse riotous punk and art Rock vibe, which included a terrific rendition of Let’s Dance by David Bowie.



It’s always refreshing when the support act for an acclaimed artist can make a successful and memorable impact on an audience. Tickets tend to be purchased exclusively for the headlining act, and with unrecognised material, it’s far to say the support act has a hard sell on their hands.

On further review, their natural sound is principally focused towards electronica, which can be heard in their latest single, Human Pretending, out on 25th March 2016.

Fable describes this latest track to be about ‘the human condition’ and how individuals thrive on how they are perceived by others, rather than focusing on who they truly are, and ultimately losing touch with our true selves.

The best descriptive for the Human Pretending single would have to be other-worldly. The aggressive yet harmonious vocals pack a punch, and work alongside the pulsing beats to formulate a mesmerising track that gets stuck in your head instantly.

Her latest release has been characterised as producing similar sounds to early Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails and ‘Björk on Steroids’, which is a description that piques interest in itself!

If this is a glimpse of what we can expect from this artist, my expectations for this artist are very strong. I would like to hear more of the instrumental additions added to her debut releases, much like what I heard during her live performance, but in regards to the uniquely powerful sound she is intending to achieve, it can’t be faulted.

The single is the latest edition leading up to Fable’s debut album release, which is currently in the works. Be sure to check out Fable’s SoundCloud in the meantime, which includes the the latest track and previously released singles from this raw and upcoming artist.


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