EXPLORER’S new album “Shout In The Fog” to be released on the 12th September

Italian Speen Metallers EXPLORER are pleased to announce their new album “Shout In The Fog” to set to be released on the 12th September via Iron Shield Records.

EXPLORER Shout In The FogThe Explorer Band was born in 2004 from the ashes of various local groups with the intention to play cover songs of various hits of Heavy Metal! But short time later the songwriting for Explorer songs begun. After many adventures and formations in 2010 we recorded our first EP with “First Aid” for Iron Shield Rec. from Berlin.

In November 2011 on Moonlight Studio in Parma we released our first full length album, “Sober deserve to die!” printed in limited digipack edition. First edition was fast sold out, so we reprint in December 2012 “Sober Deserve to die” with 2 additional bonus tracks and a new artwork. Thanks to this album we played concerts with bands like “Strana Officina”, “Sabotage”,”Master”, “Darkness”, “Raw Power”, “Helstar”, “Exumer”,”Warbringer”, “Cauldron”, “Stryker” and much more..
Also the bands was playin’ more times in Germany (‘Skullcrusher’s festival’ in Dresden).

In the September 2013 we started to record the new work “Shout in the Fog” and at the and of April, finally, we finish the recording….. Now is EXPLORER ready to play and makin’ noise!!!


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