Evile-Five Serpents Teeth cd

It is said that grumpy people come from Yorkshire, as well as Yorkshire Tea, and Yorkshire puddings, which is really not a Pudding at all, but a starter, or is it?.
Some people in Yorkshire eat it as a starter, some as a main meal, and others as a sweet,
They even have a rule for it: “A Yorkshire pudding isn’t a Yorkshire pudding if it is less than four inches tall”. So it does make you wonder what people ever see in Yorkshire.
However Yorkshire’s current number one music export are Evile, and they have just released a new album, and happily for you and i, you don’t have to go to Yorkshire to get it.
“Five Serpents Teeth” is the 3rd album from the Yorkshire thrashers, and right from the off, you know they mean business, the title track opens the record at a breakneck speed, with an intense and brutality you have now come to expect. The production is crisp and clear, as once again Russ Russell has manned the helms, as he did on “Infected Nations”.
The 2nd track “Dreams of Terror” continues this brutal assault on the senses, with hardcore drumming and some serious solo work from OL.
“Eternal Empire” is the 3rd track, and will be the first single release, and while it is a great track, im not sure it should be a single, and ill tell you why later.
Next up are “Xaraya” and “Orgin of Oblivion”, both excellent tracks, with some stunning Evile trademark shredding.
“Centurion” is the next track, and by now there is no sign of a let up, the kick to the head you got from the title track is still throbbing away.
Eviles song writing skills have grown, and this is evident in the lyrics to the next two tracks, “Prepare for War “ and “One with the Gods”. I’ll leave you to read the lyrics, and to try and weave them into the complexities of today’s society.
The next track “In Memorium” is written in memory of former bassist Mike Alexander, and this I feel should be the single, as this would have got massive amounts of airplay.
A lot of thrash bands put a semi-thrash, almost melodic song on their albums, purely for no other reason then they can, some work, most fail, this one however, sets the new benchmark on how to do it, Evile had a reason to write this song, and it shows, its a simmering cauldron of slow burning thrash for all the right reasons.
“Desent into Madness” is the penultimate track, but be warned, this song will give you a very sore neck, its total mayhem from start to finish, this is soon going to be a live favorite.
“Long live the new flesh” closes this opus, and what a way to end, on a high, everything on this record is louder, better, faster then Infected Nations, just the way it should be.
As they say in Yorkshire “its reet good Gravy “ 9.5/10

Evile are:
Matt Drake – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar.
Ol Drake – Lead guitar.
Joel Graham – Bass guitar.
Ben Carter – Drums.

Track listing:
01. Five Serpent’s Teeth
02. In Dreams of Terror
03. Cult
04. Eternal Empire
05. Xaraya
06. Origin of Oblivion
07. Centurion
08. In Memoriam
09. Descent Into Madness
10. Long Live New Flesh

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