Evergaze Eternity – Uninvolved (CD)

“Uninvolved” is the debut album for Gothic Metal project Evergaze Eternity, which consists of two stable members, Giovanni (keyboards) and Valeria (vocals). The album has been produced by Marco Ribecai (Eldritch/Node) at Syncropain Studios and mixed at Mastering Room AB by Goran Finnberg. It includes ten songs in a very much personal gothic metal mood, with doom, alternative and electric rock influences.

The album will be available in digital format only, and will be distributed worldwide exclusively by Spider Rock Promotion it is released on the 16th September.


‘Uninvolved’ starts off with ‘No Regrets’ a rocking track with roaring riffs and a nice heavy feel to it without being too overbearing. ‘Insane’ is in a similar heavy style with more keyboards standing out especially at the start.  ‘Crumbling’ is a softer style track whilst retaining a superb beat and feel. Then onto my favourite track on the album

‘In A Corner’ this track starts off softly then takes an alternative rock style twist done by Terence Holler in places, combined with Valeria softer vocals makes it distinctive. ‘In Vain’ follows on in a darker pop feel to it still has chucky guitars throughout. They do a brilliant gothy melodic cover of Madonna’s ‘Live To Tell’, Valeria does a superb job on the vocals.

‘The Hive’ has a gothic, pop electronic feel to it. ‘Memories’ has you may have guessed is a melancholy soft ballad type track. ‘Still Waiting’ the tempo rising again the guitars are back in attendance so we are treated to a more rockier feel combined with alternative feel to it. ‘Uninvolved’ this is an instrumental track finishes the album off in a slower pace yet it is still in keeping with the rest of the album.

You can really feel the bands gothic metal mood, doom, alternative, dark pop and electric rock influences standing out on this release. All the tracks have a cunning blend of the above influences. No tracks on the album are the same as each other; each track delivers a unique fell and sound. Valeria’s vocal are sublime throughout the album and she shows her vocal prowess with a few different style and sounds. It is beautifully produced album.

If you are a fan of female front bands as well as Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, Evanescence, The Gathering, Lacuna Coil style music, then check out Evergaze Eternity as they should not disappoint you.

Rating – 8/10

Track Listing

1 No Regrets

2 Insane

3 Crumbling

4 In A Corner (feat. Terence Holler, Eldritch)

5 In Vain

6 Live To Tell (Madonna cover)

7 The Hive

8 Memories

9 Still Waiting

10 Uninvolved

Band Members
Valeria Salerno [Lead and Backing Vocals] Giovanni Ferranti [Synthesizers/FX/Programming] Additional musicians
All guitars and Bass (except “Memories”) played by Marco Ribecai
Drums and percussions played by Dave Simeone
Bass on “Memories” played by Lorenzo Carpita
Additional FX and programming by Marco Ribecai.

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