Basanos – Cracking The Sledge (CD)

Basanos were established at the end of 2007 in Vienna, Austria. After playing many successful shows across Austria, Basanos decided in summer 2009 to produce their demo “Kill The Master”. Full of new ideas and motivated by the positive feedback from national and international magazines, the band started to search for an appropriate label to produce their debut album. A contract with the Austrian label Noisehead Records was signed at the end of 2009. On 28th May 2010 the debut album “Instincts” was released, produced by Mario Jezik at Noiseheadstudios Austria. With full commitment Basanos played several festival and support shows with international top-acts like LIFE OF AGONY and CROWBAR . Basanos won “Best Underground Band 2010” at the annual poll of the Austrian magazine. At the “Road To Redemption” tour in Februrary 2011, together with EKTOMORF and the Brazilean band Korzus, Basanos were able to show their potential and their live skills in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

In May 2011 Basanos headed back to Noisehead Studios to produce their second album again with Mario Jezik as the producer. “Cracking The Sledge” is going to be released by Noisehead Records on 23rd September 2011 and will be distributed by Twilight Vertrieb worldwide.

Basanos if you have never heard them before, they are blend of catchy high-speed thrash-attacks, grindcore and melancholic sludge, along with pushing riffs, aggressive shouts and foot stomping grooves. They are superb to listen to and the guys definitely leave you with a good factor after listening to the songs.

There are no weak tracks on this album. Each track is a delectable package containing distinctive blend of power packed guitars, blistering bass, pounding drums and ferocity singing & shouts, all tuned in to deliver a groove that most people will find hard to ignore. You can feel the bands influences seeping out of these tracks, think a mixture of Lamb Of God, Pantera, Down, Hatebreed, Machine Head, RATM



Track Listing

01 The Challenge

02 Control

03 Feed Us

04 Impressions

05 Break The Oath

06 Now

07 On My Way

08 Cracking The Sledge

09 Warfare

10 See the Truth

11 Aggressor


Band Memebers

Jochen Hagl – Vocals
Roman Skomar – Guitar
Wolf-Dieter Vogl – Bass
Moritz Rauter – Drums


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