Eva Plays Dead – Guilt Trips And Sins

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Eva Plays Dead

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On 13 June 2013
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A great album and a great band too. This is one you should be watching out for!

Eva Plays Dead - Guilt Trips and Sins
Eva Plays Dead – Guilt Trips and Sins

Eva Plays Dead are a group of four, made up of one lady and three guys from Derby. First starting out as Bury The Ladybird, they have, after making several band member changes and revised their musical direction, settled in late 2012 to what we see and hear today. This new album that arrived in March via Artifex Records follows on from two very successful singles already been posted on the internet.

The first song on the album, Taken Over Control,  is so hard hitting it should leave you with a black eye! With it’s heavy riffs and fantastic back beat this one just blew me away and I had to listen to it several times before moving onto the next track. Lead singer Tiggy Dockerty has a very distinct voice that, combined with the great lyrics, makes this song stand out as something very special. We’re Gonner Make It has an edgy, punky feel to the sound. Not dissimilar to hearing the Sex Pistols at their best. So far we’re onto a winner with this new album and I’m sure their fans will love this too.

Track three, I think I’m Crazy, and I’m trying to think whose voice is similar to Tiggy’s? The only person I think who can come close to her range, and massively powerful style on this particular song has got to be Kate Pierson from the B52s although Tiggy is definitely very much the real rock goddess here.

In Her Shoes has an explosive start that will grab you by the throat, slam you against the wall, then stroke your hair! In all it’s one great tune that you really should not miss. Things Change has some raw emotional lyrics that tell us a story of love lost in a very original way, not a song for sensitive types.  The last song on this album You Can Have All My Money is more or less ballad in style and is a good choice to finish on.

I really like this new album from Eva Plays Dead and I’ve placed it in my top ten list of 2013 so far. I don’t give out a five out of five lightly, but this is my first top scoring album of the new year.  To quote a friend of mine, “this whole album is totally Eargasmic!”

Should you miss it, your life will be about as colourful as an old 50’s black and white  B-movie!

Guilt Trips and Sins is available now through Artifex Records

Track Listing:
1. Taken Over Control
2. We’re Gonna Make It
3. I Think I’m Crazy
4. Secret
5. In Her Shoes
6. Keep It Shut
7. He’s So Rock n Roll
8. Who Needs That
9. Things Change
10. You Can Have All My Money

Eva Plays Dead are:
Tiggy Dockerty – Vocals
Matt Gascoyne – Guitar
Zach Shannon – Bass Guitar
Seb Boyse – Drums


Eva Plays Dead
Eva Plays Dead
A great album and a great band too. This is one you should be watching out for!

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