Eternal Torture – Lacerate The Global Hate

eternal torture lacerate album cover

Eternal Torture is a young death metal band from Munich (Bavaria), Germany. This band is part of the “we are faster and more extreme then anyone else” movement, with hyperspeed double-bass drumming, low guttural (and unintelligible) vocals, and downtuned guitars.

Their twist on this pun intended, done-to-death schtick is that they’re layering over their earth-scorching aggression with industrial music samples. Occasionally they’ll really go out of their comfort zone and try different phrasing, a different tempo, or new rhythm patterns, surprising their listeners.

Digitally crisp and thoroughly processed, this 2013 disc will please eager fans of hypersonic brutal death metal.


Track Listing:
Dresscoat Meat
Hate Prevails
Never Forgive and Never Forget
Social Disaster
For the Masses
Humanus Vevenum
Rise in Death
Song for the Weak

Band Lineup:
Andy Brecht – Vocals
Alex Neuberger – Drums
Matthias Trippelsdorf – Guitar
Mathias Erber – Guitar
Andi Pape – Bass

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