Erica Drive – Interview

We had the chance to catch up with high flying emo punk rock crew Erica Drive. The band have just released a brand new video for their alluring new single, All We Are, which is taken from the band’s explosive sophomore EP, The Hate, The Hurt, The Healing, out everywhere on Friday 12th April.

When were you formed and who is in the band?

The band consists of Matt Underdown (vocals and guitar), Sam Firmin (guitar and vocals), Frank Harding (guitar), Damien Carter (drums) and Damian Bruton (bass).


The band was formed in spring 2017, we are based on the south coast around Bournemouth.


Tell us a little about your history?

Matt and Sam first played together in a band in 2005, around the same time Frank and Damien played in a band together, often playing the same local bills. Since then, in various forms, the 4 of us have played in bands together. We met Damian in early 2018, he has been playing bass in bands since 2006.


The band has gone through two major milestones. The first of which was recording our debut EP which gave us the first insight into how the band truly sounds. It also helped us to work out the dynamic of having 3 guitars and how this would work on record. The second milestone was our bass player Damian joining the band just before going into the studio to record “The hate, the hurt, the healing”. We haven’t looked back since.


Who are your main influences?

Our musical influences vary a lot between each member, bands such as Thrice, Jimmy Eat World, The Wonder Years and Trash Boat are all bands we collectively enjoy and listen too. Individually we listen to a broad spectrum of music from singer/songwriters to dance music, metal to country.


Where did your name come from?

The name Erica Drive is taken from the name of the road Matt lived on. We decided on the name after we had finished recording our first EP and after much deliberation, we eventually agreed on “Erica Drive”.


How would you describe your sound to a deaf person?
If I were to describe our music to a deaf person I’d describe our sound as a complimentary balance between heavy guitar driven rock music, ambient guitar tones and catchy vocal melodies. You can expect high energy and lots of emotion, all wrapped up in a band.

Do you have any shows or tours in the works?

We are going out again to support the EP in April. We are actively taking bookings for all of 2019.


What are your social media sites?
We can be found on the socials using @ericadriveband we are also on Spotify and youTube by searching Erica Drive.



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