Equilibrium – Waldschrein

equilibrium - waldschrein album cover

Equilibrium‘s Waldschrein is an interesting twist on the folk or pagan metal subgenre. This five-song EP, released in 2013, runs the gamut from entertaining folk metal, to an epic movie soundtrack type tune. This Bavarian band’s rapid ‘riff factory’ idea shifts tend to be jarring or choppy – in the same fun, light-hearted way that these are interpreted within contemporary jazz. You’ll hear everything from birdsong to blastbeats, well-performed. Tunes are melodic, entertaining, and engaging. Richly layered, crisply mixed and nicely produced, this EP will delight pagan, folk, and melodic extreme metal fans looking for something slightly left of center.


Track Listing:
Der Sturm
Waldschrein (Instrumental)

Band Lineup:
Robse Dahn – Vocals
Rene Berthiaume – Guitar
Andreas Volkl – Guitar
Sandra Volkl – Bass
Hati – drums

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