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Electric Rebels

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On 23 October 2018
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A rebel without a cause does not apply to these rock and roll rebels.

Yet another episode in my long running saga of checking out the support bands at gigs and not just watching the headliners! This time it was the very raucous Electric Rebels from Manchester, opening a Falling Red show. Formed just over a year ago, they are kicking up some dust on the live scene and also in the studio with their self produced three track EP Heaven Tonight.

Describing their EP as “Three of our best loved live songs”, they are not far wrong as ‘One More Night’ opens up with a riff so greasy you could fry chips in it! The lyrics portray the on the road lifestyle including the couplet of ” Me and the boys all night on another one. Played right through into the rising sun”. It’s a gnarly groover that rolls along with two kick ass guitar solos that hit hard like left and right jabs.

Good time rock and roll vibes flow through ‘Sick Of The Bitch’ backed by a chorus so catchy it should have the front rows bellowing it back to the band onstage. Once again the air guitars are a must when the solos kick in. We get a dose of heavy blues in the closing track ‘Heaven Tonight’ with nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more lyrics that have more double entendres than a Carry On film!


Electric Rebels - Heaven TonightHeaven Tonight EP track listing :-

One More Night.

Sick Of The Bitch.

Heaven Tonight.


Electric Rebels band line up :-

Neil Priddey – Lead vocals.

Steve Warburton – Lead guitar.

Frank Sengers – Lead guitar.

Laurie Simmonds – Bass guitar.

Matt Bates – Drums.



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A rebel without a cause does not apply to these rock and roll rebels.

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