Eidolon-Acid Death Album Review


Hailing from Greece Acid Death releases their first album in ten years after the band’s reunion, not one to miss. Released on the 1st of June by Noisehead Records. I am very excited to hear this.

Track one is called Blind Reflection. I began to get annoyed at the repeating riff but then the vocals screamed the title of the track and the drums came in with the groove at 0.31, awesome. Aw man I fucking love that riff at 0.57.At 1.37 the track slows down and adds an interesting change in dimension which then flows into a solo. This is insane.

Crossing the Line is track two and that just gets straight to the point, groovy catchy riff, totally heavy with interesting balance effect on the old headphones, aw man I am running out of words!

Towards Hate starts off with an interesting quiet sample which then kicks into a slow heavy riff. The drums kick in at 1.47, lots of controlled groove! love it. An interesting section follows with a change in speed but then picks back up again with the same droning riff in the background. Loving the guitar in the slightly cleaner sounding guitar in background at 2.43 and the solo sounding suspended guitar, they just add an extra element. Love the tapping guitar that fades out later on. I just love it when it picks up again! Fantastic.

Convent 655321…OOOOOOOOOOFT 0.39 that riff! and 0.58!! My mind is going to explode. This track reminds me slightly of Death, not at all  a bad thing, my favourite band. Just the compositions of the riffs, the tone and the use of the symbols, listen for yourself the section 0.59 to the end really, Deathy? I think so mnyeas.  the changing of the main riff at 1.48, magical. HOLY SHIT every time I go to write about an amazing section another one happens! 2.10 dun dun dun dun dun dun dun. My heart is going to explode. PINCH AT 3.02 fuckin right.

Inside my Walls starts off with a riff being thrown from one headphone to another, like its bouncing off walls I guess. Interesting. Again another ace riff with double kicks, these guys just can’t go wrong. I am enjoying the slower spoken vocals at the start of the track which adds an element of intensity. 1.38-1.44…….wow.it then flows into a section of uncleanvocals and an ace change of key in the riffage, just fantastic. 2.35 has an uplifting feel to it which is refreshing and an awesome guitar duet, love the guitar tone.

No Sky Above as usual starts off straight to the point full on belting it out speed. However as the drums pause for a few seconds so the mind has a chance to rest before they stab back in. The droning main riff reminds me of angry bees. 2.52 pinches! 3.08 riffage! Just when I thought I could get away with thinking the track would be predictably slowing down, no chance 3.35, insane solo with harmonies anyone? Aye go on.

An interesting, well what I would call technoy (knowing nothing about that sort of thing) excerpt sound starts off Eidolon with an insane sounding distortion on the guitar at 0.40 that reminds me of an electric harpsichord. Another insane guitar tone at 2.13. To be honest I was starting to get a bit bored of this track until 4.10. A beautiful Chuck sounding suspended guitar tone accompanies a chanting voice in a quiet section of the track. This then builds up to the finale.

Odious Maggots starts off with what sounds like a child banging on a margarine tub. Thankfully it gets better at 0.30 with an amazing Death sounding guitar drone in the background. OOOOOOOOOO 0.59! Love the vocals in this section, especially the scream at 2.07. 2.17 groove! 2.29 OOOOOOOOFFT. Aw man I love that machine gun sound with that amazing haunting guitar tone. 2.48!!! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better! The riff at 2.29 reminds me of a riff in Death’s Without Judgement at 2.49. I love this key.

Dying Alone is the Next track. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that, a beautiful slow beginning. An awesome, again quite Deathy riff starts us off getting us into the heavy stuff and then slow again. I like this combination and the way it flows. The haunting section at the end with the droning guitars is very atmospheric.

Soul South is the last track in the album. I have to say I like the title of the track, is better than ‘you’re going to hell’ it’s more philosophical. The track itself has lots of interesting switches between a calmer and more frantic sound with the use of both clean and distorted guitar sounds. 2.14 onwards is very dreamy and beautiful. A fitting ending to the album.


Nothing is left to be simple by these guys! A rather simple sounding riff is always surrounded by florets of changes in the drums or vice versa, it is a complete assault on the senses. Your mind cannot wander or even begin to expect anything listening to this album. Every time a new riff is introduced or something changes I am blown away, the intricacy of each section of the track is just exquisite. It constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen next and every time I am rewarded with insane groove, fast double kicks and catchy as fuck riffs. Everything I require from an album.

I am so glad I chose to review this album, words cannot express how blown away I am. One of two of the best albums I have reviewed this year (the other was Desaster) Fucking amazing job guys.

Rating 10 out of 10


Band Line Up
Savvas Betinis – Bass guitar/ Lead vocals

Dennis Kostopoulos – lead/rhythm guitars

Gus K – lead/ rhythm guitars

Kostas Alexakis – drums/percussion


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