Dark New Day – New Tradition Album Review

American rock quintet Dark New Day have finally released a follow-up album titled ‘New Tradition’ to their debut release ‘Twelve Year Silence’ released back in 2005.  The band that has been described as an American ‘supergroup’ features Brett Hestla of Virgos Merlet, Clint Lowery of Sevendust, Corey Lowery from Eye Empire, Will Hunt from Evanscence and Troy Mclawhorn from Evanscene.

Although the songs on this album were written far in advance of the announcement of a second album yet along a release date for it, the tracks home in on what fans want to hear.  The first track released from this sophomore, ‘New Tradition’ is a riffed fuelled rock anthem with Hestlas’ clear vocals dominating throughout the chorus.  A great first single to be taken from the album ensuring fans that despite all members being tied up with other projects, Dark New Day remain a solid rock band writing good sound heavy tracks.

‘New Tradition’ opens with a highly charged in your face track – Fist From The Sky.  It is a heavy fast track that gains the attention of the listeners and makes them hungry for more. Changing the pace the band slows the album down with ‘Come Alive’, slowed just enough to allow the spread of musical ability to come through across different playing styles.  Catapulting back into heavy riffage territory album tilted track  ‘New Tradition’ is the track that stays in the head of audiences the most.  Given that all members are in more well-known bands it would be hard not to hear elements on their other projects coming through, with ‘Tremendous’ and ‘Straight Jacket’ there is definitely an element of  the Sevendust sound creeping into play.

New Tradition is a strong sophomore release from the American rockers.  The tracks are tight, lyrics well written and have a well balance mix of heavy fuelled riff anthems with slower paced tracks.  Yes, this album may consist of B-sides to previous release, but this does not take away from the facts that musically and lyrically Dark New Day have released a highly charged riff-fuelled heavy rock album that will be welcomed by current fans who are clawing for more since the debut album and will certainly win over a lot of new fans on both sides of the atlantic!


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