EDGE OF HAZE Release Video For ‘Crushed’

Edge Of Haze
Edge Of Haze

Finnish atmospheric metal band Edge of Haze have teamed up with Metalunderground.com to premiere the music video for their new song Crushed. Taken from their upcoming new album Illumine, the video has already generated over 2,000 views in just a few days.


Crushed can be viewed here: http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=104975



Crushed can also be purchased as a single direct from the band: http://edgeofhaze.bandcamp.com/


Set to be self-released on August 21 2014, Illumine will be available on both CD and digital formats. The band had the following to say about the new album:

“Illumine is something we are really proud of. It has been two years now since we gave birth to the first riffs and melodies to the abstract something which would later be called “Illumine”, our second full-length record. It has also been two years since Edge Of Haze has released anything, so it feels extremely good to release an album which has required months and months of composing, writing, arranging, recording and negotiating!

We were only 16-17 years old when we released our first album Mirage, so a lot of growing has happened in these two years and we think you can really hear it on Illumine. We think the album sounds a lot more mature, the songs are better written, the lyrics have a lot more depth and we are overall better musicians than we were back then.

Illumine is inspired by a book called Escape from Camp 14 by Blaine Harden, and it tells a story about a future dystopia where citizens are extremely controlled by a higher power and their only purpose is to work and fulfill their rulers orders. The album’s protagonist sees a vision of his city burning and decides to attempt an escape into the wild. The album is also about finding yourself and daring to have an opinion, similar stuff which we can all relate to in our own lives. With the name Illumine we want to refer firstly to the enlightenment of the protagonist, who realizes he’s under control of a higher force and decides to escape, secondly to the concrete transition of moving to light from the smog-darkened city, and lastly to our own musical enlightenment – beginning to find our own sound.

Music-wise our goal was to create an album that sounds original and we think we achieved that on Illumine. The album is heavy and groovy, yet melodic and atmospheric. We deeply hope you enjoy it!”


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