Ecocide – Eye of The Wicked Sight

Ecocide - Eye of Wicked Sight
Ecocide – Eye of Wicked Sight

Let me introduce you to Ecocide from Haarlem (the Netherlands) who have released their debut album “Eye of the Wicked Sight”. The band consists of three members and they bring you a raw mix of old-school death metal. The lyrical themes are about Aliens and Sci-fi and the music takes you back in the days. Their album has been independently released, and they’ve done a very good job with it. I’ve seen them live several times and they really put passion into their music!

Ecocide may say that they make sci-fi death metal, but there is just so much more from this band. This album is an homage to old school death, but it is made by three pretty young guys (well, to old school death metal fans that is!). While the riffs on “Eye of the Wicked Sight” are perhaps not the most original they are refreshing. They have taken the old-school head banging menace and added some modern feeling to it. They have definitely put effort in to ensure they’re not sounding dull or repetitive.

The intro of this album starts with some sounds that would sit well in movies such as Star Wars or War of the Worlds, ET, etc. I actually love sci-fi so got pretty excited when I heard those sounds. After the intro, the song “Planet Eater” starts – a harbinger of how the rest of the album is going to sound. Don’t get me wrong, the album has the same overall feeling but does not get dull over lack of inspiration or lack of good song writing from the band. The title track, “Eye of the Wicked Sight”, starts with some really grooving and catchy thrash riffs, one of the many examples why this album is not monotone at all.

Altogether they did very well with their debut album and I guess this will open a lot of doors for Ecocide. Although the album is perhaps not original and doesn’t bring anything new to your ears it is refreshing. They have really pulled off some great old-school death with a hint of modern feeling. The more you listen to this album the more you hear and you will discover. These guys know how to put the right feeling in the right place of the music. Where is that label?

To introduce you some more to Ecocide I had a little chat with their Drummer Bas Gijzen:

First of all, why did you guys chose to change from Thrash to old school death?
Well, it kinda happened on its own while we were writing new songs. We felt like Death Metal had more possibilities musically. Also our personal music taste began to change more into death metal.

With this debut album, what kind of doors do you hope to open for Ecocide?
The most important thing for us is that people can enjoy our music. We had no specific goal or anything like getting really famous while writing the album. Although it would be pretty awesome if we could get more and bigger live shows with this album. But we will just see what the future brings us. At this point it’s already more than we hoped for.

Well having no specific goal is something else than having big dreams, what kind of dreams would that be?
Play at Neurotic Deathfest haha

Look, now we’re talking! Haha. About the album, did you guys have specific influences apart from the Sci-fi/Alien theme?
Bands like Death, Massacre and Possesed are very big influences for our music. But we try not to just simply copy them, but take an element from their music and try to make it something of our own. So it (hopefully) won’t sound like something you heard before

And last but not least. Where can those interested get your album?
We officially sell it on our bandcamp for worldwide ( but you can also get in contact with the band itself on facebook ( and of course we sell the album at all of our gigs.

1. Multiverse
2. Planet Eater
3. Alien Intervention
4. Eye of the Wicked Sight
5. Unknown Disease
6. Terror From Beyond
7. Crawling From The Crypt
8. Beneath The Flesh

Ecocide are:
Sten – Guitar/Vocals
Bas – Drums/Backing vocals

Rick – Bass



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