DUST BOLT release new single ‘Disco Nnection’, out now, new album ‘Sound & Fury’ out February 2024 

February 23, 2024 will see German metal frontrunners DUST BOLT strike back with their new studio album, Sound & Fury, via AFM Records, unleashing a record that refines and noisily redefines the band’s sound for a new era! To pre-order your album copy, visit https://dust-bolt.bfan.link/sound-fury

“When everybody says, something can’t be done, all you gotta do is turn around and say ‘watch me’. The defiance against conventional norms adds a powerful touch, echoing the spirit of innovation & Rock’n’Roll.“

Following previously-released album appetizers such as the furious title track, or songs such as “I Witness”, “New Flame” and the powerful metal-meets-hard rock anthem “Burning Pieces”, today, DUST BOLT are premiering a music video for their new single “Disco Nnection“.

“What should I say about Disco Nnection?! I think the song says it all. This tune takes you to the depths of Munich‘s night clubs and Freddie‘s legacy. Munich is a holy place – somehow- when it comes to music history. Queen, Zeppelin, Rainbow, .. they all recorded their albums – and partied here.” DUST BOLT frontman Lenny B. explains.

“During the pandemic I became really attracted to the world of Quincy Jones‘ music & work. I kinda fell in love with 70s music, listening to a lot of disco, pop & soul from that era. They all had at least one thing in common: great musicianship & magical musical passion on their instruments and as a band playing together. 
The next day I stepped into the rehearsal room, we had this heavy riff. Straightforward. Metal as hell. It was obvious. We needed to add a Disco beat. Disco & THRASH? Yep. When everybody says, something can’t be done, all you gotta do is turn around and say ‘watch me’. 
The defiance against conventional norms adds a powerful touch, echoing the spirit of innovation & Rock’n’Roll.“

“Disco Nnection” is now available on all digital streaming services at https://dust-bolt.bfan.link/disco-nnection

Formed in 2007, DUST BOLT have been resolute and ruthless in their pursuit of metal glory over the last 16 years. Childhood friends with a collective passion for metal in all its various forms, the quartet have established themselves as one of Europe’s leading thrash metal bands.

Yet, Sound & Fury marks an album that refines and noisily redefines the DUST BOLT sound for a new era. Written during those isolated months of pandemic lockdown, the new record represents the peak of the band’s creativity, and a major leap forward in every department. The first DUST BOLT record to feature new bassist Tom Liebing, alongside Lenny Bruce, guitarist Florian Dehn and drummer Nico Remann, Sound & Fury grew from a long period of self-reflection that began when the world shut down.

“Sound and Fury was created during the probably darkest and most difficult time for the band.” DUST BOLT revealed. “First time in our lives, since we were kids, we were somehow separated from another and the dream we lived together seemed to stopped. It was during the pandemic days, when the band even decided to take a break from one another, when Flo came up with this beautiful piece of music – not knowing how he would channel and express our feelings, leading to LB putting some Dust Bolt unusual, but heartfelt vocals on it and having Nico introducing a disco beat to a metal song in the end.  We didn’t know what was happening – we just did it.  We did know, there’d be a million voices saying we can’t put this up on a Dust Bolt record. But more than that we knew „as long as we stick together, we can do anything the *** we want“ . Sound and Fury is a story about friendship, struggle & inner turmoil. SuF is a story about us. SuF is a different, open and honest Dust Bolt, sharing their emotion with you and your friends.”

Although still rooted in thrash and old school metal, the new record adds dazzling colour and diversity to the band’s trademark sound. With pummelling grooves, spine-tingling dynamics and a startling, part-melodic vocal performance from Lenny Bruce, with an analogue mix by Moritz Enders [Revolverheld, Silbermond], the new songs mark the beginning of a new era of DUST BOLT destruction. Simultaneously catchier than any previous record and grittier and heavier than before, Sound & Fury is the sound of a great band realising their full potential. Or as DUST BOLT states: “This album marks the beginning of a new era for DUST BOLT. For Metal in & from Germany. This is just the beginning!”

Sound & Fury track listing:

  1. Leave Nothing Behind
  2. I Witness
  3. I am the One
  4. New Flame
  5. Burning Pieces
  6. Sound and Fury
  7. Love & Reality
  8. Bluedeep
  9. Disco Nnection
  10. You Make Me Feel (Nothing)
  11. Feel the Storm
  12. Little Stone

DUST BOLT Sound & Fury Tour 2024 (presented by EMP & Metal Hammer, Tickets: https://dustbolt.com/pages/tour-dates 
22.02.2024 (DE) München – Strom 
23.02.2024 (DE) Köln – Helios 37 
24.02.2024 (DE)Frankfurt – Nachtleben 
25.02.2024 (DE) Erfurt – From Hell 
27.02.2024 (DE) Berlin – Cassiopeia 
28.02.2024 (DE) Hamburg – Bahnhof Pauli 
29.02.2024 (DE) Hannover – Lux 
01.03.2024 (DE) Bochum – Rockpalast
02.03.2024 (DE) CHAM – L.A.

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Vocals / Guitar – Lenny Bruce 
Guitar – Flo Dee
Bass – Exx Tom
Drums – Nico Rayman 

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