Dust Bolt – Awake The Riot

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Dust Bolt

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On 9 July 2014
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Iris North of @PlanetMosh's fairly brief review of Dust Bolt's latest full-length disc, Awake The Riot.

dust bolt - album cover lgYoung Bavarian eighties thrash ‘revival’ band Dust Bolt have dialed in some classic tones, with their new, 12+ track full-length Awake The Riot ready for enjoyment by anyone who appreciates solid, well-played thrash metal.

The band wear their influences as players and as a band on their sleeves, harnessing the power of both Slayer and Exodus at their respective peaks. Like near-untouchable South of Heaven, Awake The Riot harnesses a riff factory of classy, killer licks, delivered rapid-fire. They’ve even included a short hidden track.

This high-speed record is a trip down memory lane, with various passages evoking different “remember that?” bands. Listen for a Paul Baloff vocal tone in “Worlds Built To Deceive”, Anthrax in “Eternal Waste”, and older Sepultura during “Living A Lie”.

Besides these nods to the genre’s pillars, the band have woven in a myriad of crazy guitar solos, some variations in structure and tempo, and a crisp “brick wall” delivery. Nico‘s drums, and Lenny and Flo‘s lead guitar chops within the context of each song are most impressive: like looking at fine art, it’s difficult to avoid at least one “wow”.

That said, this album breaks no new ground, and some of the flourishes, like the Araya-esque scream during “Soul Erazor” are predictable to the point of being humorous. The record does justice to the genre, however, which is adequate. It would be nice to hear the band expand their sonic reach and territory on future releases.

Track Listing:
Living Hell
Soul Erazor
Beneath The Earth
You Lost Sight
Agent Thrash
Living A Lie
Awake The Riot – The Final War
Eternal Waste
Drowned In Blind Faith
Worlds Built To Deceive
The Monotonous – Distant Scream
Future Shock (Evildead cover)

Band Line-up:
Lenny – Vocals/Guitar
Flo – Guitar
Bene – Bass Guitar
Nico – Drums

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Iris North of @PlanetMosh's fairly brief review of Dust Bolt's latest full-length disc, Awake The Riot.

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