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On 9 February 2014
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DripBack’s debut album feels like a punishment, but one from which you gain a narcissistic pleasure.

@planetmosh reviews Failed Futures by .@DripBack

dbDripBack’s debut album Failed Futures feels like a punishment, but one from which you gain a narcissistic pleasure. It is a relentless onslaught of riffs, drum thrashing, thunderous bass and lyrics that at times appear to be being metaphorically, if not literally, spat into the ears of the listener by Wez. Closing track ‘Requisite for Refinement’ is a prime example of this. This is an element of their live show which surprisingly transpires on the album recording.

There is no respite on this album it is a full frontal destruction on the eardrum. ‘Rest With the Dead’ has brief bass and guitar lines that ride over the rest of the music very well and throughout the album the drumming power is ceaseless. ‘Cessation of Suffering’ is like a fucked up cocktail concoction into which you have poured whatever is in the cupboard, but it works and works so damn well you find yourself trashing the room in which you find yourself. The title track is a gangster driven amalgamation of torturous riffs. A threat-filled instrumental track that stands out from the others on the album and which provides a moments respite of sorts, before they launch back in to the cacophony of ‘Victims’.

This album is the stuff of nightmares; some of the lyrics are politically minded as in ‘Profit Driven War’, others are a bulldozer of emotions, opinions and interpretations. It is a no bullshit release; they say it and play it as they see it. Throughout the album there are spoken lines delivered in a fine Cockney accent, which harks to the very roots of this “Laaaaandan” band whose cauldron blend of thrash, hardcore, grind and death metal is positively criminal. Even Sherlock himself would struggle to solve this mystery; the perfect crime of a debut album.[amazonmp3 asin=”B00HSYHDGK”]

Track Listing:
1. Wasted
2. Rest With the Dead
3. We Precede the End
4. Cessation of Suffering
5. Profit Driven War
6. Shallow Lives
7. Seeing Without Eyes
8. Failed Futures
9. Victims
10. Stranglehold
11. Forgotten Code
12. Embodying Emptiness
13. Requisite for Refinement

DripBack’s debut album feels like a punishment, but one from which you gain a narcissistic pleasure.

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