Dave Evans – Interview February 2014

Ahead of the forthcoming release of his new EP Nothing to Prove, Dave Evans, AC/DC’s original singer and co-founder took the time to answer a few questions from Louise at PlanetMosh.

I want to ask mainly about you and your music but I have to mention AC/DC. You were there when it all began in 1973. Did you realise they would be one of the greatest rock bands and still be going forty years later?

When you were as young as we were we didn’t think that far ahead so I had no idea that I would still be going forty years later as well.

Have you seen both Bon and Brian live and if so which front-man do you prefer?

I have seen both of them of course in film clips and they both had their own style and both successful as we all were as my first record with the band was a hit and named as the “Best Australian Group Rock Record” for 1974 which was a tremendous effort from a new and very young band and set a solid foundation for all whom followed.

After you parted ways with AC/DC you fronted several other bands with varied success. Which was your favourite and why?

I enjoyed Rabbit which was a wild rockin’ outfit on and off the stage and we sold records not only in Australia and New Zealand but also throughout Europe, excluding the UK, and Japan. Great fun and amazing times back there in the 70’s.

Which is the best/most memorable gig you have played?

Without a doubt the famous Sydney Opera House with AC/DC

Who were you biggest musical influences?

The Beatles, Free, Led Zeppelin, Little Richard, The Rolling Stones, Slade.

Who are you favourite bands?

Slade was the best live band I have ever seen and I enjoy so many bands from hard rock to country rock and blues rock.

I’ve seen you a few times now, firstly in 2010 and I didn’t have any expectations other than wanting to see AC/DC’s original singer perform Can I Sit Next To You Girl, but I was actually very impressed with your own music and the 2010 album Judgement Day. What has the reaction been to Judgement Day?

I have been fortunate to have had the very best reviews of my recent albums, Sinner and Judgement Day plus the Dave Evans and Nitzinger album, Revenge, which I recorded in Texas with John Nitzinger a rock and blues legend and a former Alice Cooper guitarist. The song “Sold My Soul To Rock and Roll” from the Sinner album was nominated as “Best Rock Song” at the Los Angeles Music Awards 2007.

Do you find people who come to see Dave Evans expect an AC/DC tribute act or are people coming to see you in your own right?

They come to see me in my own right as rock fans are very aware of my own music and are my fans. It’s all out there on the internet for new fans to discover as well.

Do you yourself play any instruments?

A few chords on guitar but I write music in my own way that goes with the lyrics and melodies. I get the riffs over to the musicians I work with that I do write by humming them and they just copy it down.

Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics from?

Real life.

Do you write both lyrics and music?


I believe you collaborated with Chris Appleton to write some of the tracks for your forthcoming EP Nothing to Prove. What influences has Chris brought?

Chris brought a metal feel to a couple of the tracks that I wrote with him which was a bit different but badass indeed and it worked out great and the reviews so far have been amazing and gratifying. Great to work with new ideas as I did with John Nitzinger with his Texas Rock and Blues style on the Revenge album which was so different to what I had recorded before but worked out great with five star rating reviews.

Which is you favourite track from your forthcoming EP and why?

I like them all the same as they all have a different message which bear equally important mesages and attitudes.

Your UK Badasses on the 2013 tour included Chris Appleton* and Chris Needham on guitars, Martin McNee* on drums and Daniel Bate* on bass. During Baby Please Don’t Go, which is on the EP, the two Chris’s have a guitar dual. How did that idea come about? (*all from Absolva)

I have performed the song all over the world with different musicians ever since I did it with AC/DC originally and this is the same format I use with all my bands. The only thing is that the two Chris’ took the guitar duels to a higher level and blew everyone away with their playing and wizardry on their guitars and at times were duplicating each other with complicated hand movements while still playing with amazing precision and feel. Something I had never witnessed before. Awesome.

You have Badasses in Australia, The USA, Europe and The UK. Why not just have one set of Badasses?

I also have Badasses in South America as well now. It is a matter of economics and it is much less expense as I only have to accommodate only one air fare around the world and it keeps the musicians in the different continents fresh and I know there is a healthy and friendly rivalry between them which puts a competitive edge with each tour. It’s also great to look forward to seeing and working with each group again for myself. All a great bunch of guys and keeps the fun in touring.

Who are your favourite Badasses?

LOL !! They are all great and all contribute differently in their own special way which is so enjoyable for me and the shows never get stale.

You turned sixty last year and you look much younger, what is the secret to staying youthful?

I only admit to being 29 and I believe it.

As well as singing you’ve also done some acting. How does appearing on stage, and doing a live theatre performance, compare to appearing on stage and performing as lead singer in a band?

A stage play theatre production involves so many actors who are all important in their roles whether big or small parts and the interaction is with the other actors to make it real for the audience and I am not even aware of the audience unless there is a major reaction like applause, audible gasps and in one play I could hear members of the audience actually crying because of the deep sadness of the scene I was involved in. With my music the show is directed at the audience and each show is slightly different depending on the size of the venue and the makeup and age group of the audience. The immediate and constant emotional interaction with the crowd is a real adrenalin rush for all and each show leaves the band and the rockin’ crowds on an amazing high. Gotta love that.

Would you still choose the same career if you could make the decision again? What (if anything) would you do differently?

I was supposed to enlist as a trainee officer in the navy until I had a huge row with my father at the age of 16 over having long hair and the rock music I was playing at home. I left and joined a rock band soon after and the rest is history.

Louella Deville with Dave Evans at The Towler, 29th June 2013
Louise with Dave Evans at The Towler, 29th June 2013

What has been the strangest request from a fan?

Haven’t had any strange requests just the usual.

What do you have in store for fans in the near future?

Still touring and rockin’ them hard and writing and recording the kind of rock that the fans love.

Any final message?

Never die wondering what if? Give whatever it is you so desire your very best effort.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Hope to see Dave Evans and the UK Badasses in 2014.



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