Dreamshade – The Gift of Life

Dreamshade - The Gift of LifeSwiss metallers Dreamshade are back with their second album “The Gift of Life” which is set for release on the 25th January via Spinefarm Records. Since the release of their debut EP “To The Edge Of Realityin 2006, they have attracted new fans worldwide with storming sets at festivals such as Metal Camp and Summer Breeze. Upon signing to Spinefarm/Universal Music in 2010 and releasing their debut album, “What Silence Hides” in 2011 they have gained more recognition along with an ever increasing fan base that simply labelled them as ‘Frighteningly Awesome Metal’!

The album kicks off to a powerful start with ‘Photographs’, ‘Your Voice’ and title track“The Gift of Life” feature  heavy riffing, brutal vocals, strong verses and melodic chorus with clean vocals, guitar leads and keyboards. “Consumed Future” continues with the established modern twist approach to melodic death metal with a helping of progressive core work.

Our Flame” is a graceful slow dark bridge/interlude track, which draws in the listener. Before picking up the pace and going back to their normal hardcore/modern metal style with “Late Confessions”, “Sincere” and “Elisabeth”. Final track on the album “Wants & Needs” is a great blend of all the above influences and styles that’s brings the album to a close in style.

“The Gift of Life” is a solid offering featuring 10 tracks weighing in less than 40 minutes in length; you don’t feel that there is anything missing or short change. Its superb production, great lyrics with a fantastic blend of melodic and edgy styles along with the mix of clear cut and rough vocals. The album hits the spot with being neither too light nor too heavy, that should appeal to most metal fans rather than just hardcore and melodic death metal followers! For fans of Darkest Hour, Killswitch Engage, In Flames, and Children Of Bodom and so on should definitely check out this album

Rating – 9/10


01. Photographs

02. Your Voice

03. The Gift Of Life

04. Sandcastles

05. Consumed Future

06. Our Flame

07. Late Confessions

08. Sincere

09. Elisabeth

10. Wants & Needs


Consumed Future





Kevin Calì – Vocals

Fernando “Fella” Di Cicco – Guitars / Vocals

Rocco Ghielmini – Guitars

Ivan Moccia – Bass Guitar

Serafino “Sera” Chiommino – Drums





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